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Coworking living space is defined as when people gather in a neutral location to work on different projects alone or in teams on the same project. So, because employees in a coworking space aren't all employed by the same company, it differs from a traditional office setting.

Coworking living spaces have been the quickest type of office buildings in real estate prior to the pandemic. While they presently account for much less than 5% of the industry, they are predicted to account for 30% by 2030.

Key Elements:

You can get more flexible pricing with co living working spaces than you can with a long-term lease.

It's only a question of time when you have many individuals in common that you start networking and new possibilities start flowing organically from your co living space.

Being in the company of other people is excellent for your spirits, co living working spaces keeps you sharp, and stimulates your creativity.

Clients' Reactions To Our A Co Living Workspace

Story Line:

“Style Hack”- is a small coworking space in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Attractive office and co living space are available in a fresh, edgy, and modern setting. Emerge obtained a lease in November 2020, remodeled the facility with a fresh fit out, and officially opened its doors on March 1, 2021 the co living space virtually full to capacity now, barely three months later. Hasan Shakib Chowdhury, the office manager, has played a key role in “Style Hack “success, and he explains how they did it.


The goal of “Style Hack “would have been to create a place where people enjoyed coming to work. The team envisioned a design-driven venue with creative vibes to complement the Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh setting. They used to have a clear purpose beyond design: to create a pleasant, open, and inclusive place where clients came first. So that’s why, they contacted us in the last of 2020 and successfully handed over a co living space to them.


The challenge for “Style Hack” was identical to that faced by many new coliving and coworking spaces providers: how to get tenants in the door.

“Style Hack” seemed to have no digital presence; its website had yet to be launched, and it had no marketing strategies in place. People couldn't locate it online, and it was difficult to persuade people to come in off the street because it was on a different roof in an office tower. It had calculated the cost of the coliving and coworking spaces, but due to the delay in installing and outfitting, the team was unable to demonstrate to customers exactly what they're getting for the money. They couldn't rely on word - of - mouth to build interest because they didn't have any tenants.


“Style Hack” became an official Workspace Associate in November 2020 after Hasan Shakib Choudhury sought help from us. The “Style Hack” team had access to a wealth of information, advice, and tools designed to assist new workspace providers in setting up their first coliving and coworking spaces location. Following that, “Style Hack” and our company devised a comprehensive marketing, pricing, sales, and negotiating plan to attract the first customers to “Style Hack”.

Insight Into The Market And Pricing

Prior to starting their coworking space, “Style Hack” founders had a full knowledge of the office space business. They determined costs based on their investigation of comparable coliving and coworking living spaces inside the region because several of them had already worked in the field. In Bangladesh’s co living workspace industry, meanwhile,” Style Hack” was a completely unknown entity with no established value and no current demand. Even worse, due to the interior design delay, potential tenants were unable to see the finished workplace on their tours.

To attract a larger spectrum of enterprises, we suggested lowering the costs for various co living workplaces in the early months.


After only three months, “Style Hack” is nearly full, with our account for 70% of active members. The majority of the tenants are digital marketers, graphic designers, and other creatives, and there are also lawyers, brokers, and professional services organizations. The majority of   inaugural members have renewed their leases or enlarged their space since coming in, demonstrating the effectiveness of the co living workspace they have built, according to Hasan Shakib Chowdhury- manager of “Style Hack”.

Is Coworking Right for You?

If you're interested in giving co living working space a try, then the greatest part that can do is do it. If you also want to come in, do your work, and then leave, don't be bothered about any social duties. It's similar to going to the gym. Nobody will interrupt you when you're in the zone; everybody is there to complete a certain task. You'll meet some fantastic local entrepreneurs and establish a co living working space community if you're open to talking and being approached. For better inquiries about coliving and coworking spaces, please visit this site.