Bangladesh presents a great expansion opportunity for many investors due to its swift economic growth. It also offers a youthful, educated, competent workforce that is open to new chances and technologically aware.

Therefore, the question is, “Is the employer of record really the secret to the rapid growth of your business?”

Of course, employer of record (EOR) service creates a successful worldwide team without having to deal with the trouble of opening offices abroad. EOR offers the crucial flexibility required for growing an ideal international team.

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Is EOR The Secret of Rapid Growth of Your Business?

A provider of international employment services known as an employer of record (EOR) which can assist in hiring employees legally in other nations.

In order to free you up to concentrate on your team, your employer of record takes care of the payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options, and local compliance.

The EOR corporation gives business owners a complete management independence when it comes to project-related activities by not interfering with workflows.

Last but not least, employer of record strategies will help a company to access a wider talent pool while saving time and money.

Enjoy 4 Incredible Responsibilities

Let's look more closely at the responsibilities of an employer of record has:

Make sure that all applicable local labor and tax laws are followed.

On behalf of the employer, complete tax and insurance paperwork.

 Arranges visa-related paperwork and work permits.

Provides consulting services to the business regarding the region's best methods for hiring new employees, paying severance, or terminating contracts.

EOR Service Is Time Consuming for Your Business: A Common Myth

EOR takes a lot of time for international hiring, compliance, and payroll for your company. It does not have time to consult with their clients. Actually, this is not true at all!

You may spend more time developing a great employee experience and attending to other company demands by outsourcing an EOR.

Moreover, an EOR can save your business a ton of time that would often be spent on back-office tasks like teaching your HR and recruiting team on legal issues, outsourcing legal assistance, and acquiring legal authorizations to hire workers from other countries.

 5 Benefits of Hiring an Employer of Record Service
Saves time:
Company managers may spend much more time doing productive things if they have a trustworthy vendor handle their tax filing, payroll, and other formalities.

Reduces risk: A business owner might avoid the consequences of unintentional errors in tax documentation or non-compliance with local labor rules by engaging an EOR.

Obey the law: EOR firms are well-versed in business and labor laws and will ensure that all internal business procedures are lawful.

Managing Personnel: The EOR manages work permits and visas on the behalf of personnel. Making timesheets for employees, handling employment agreements, and checking the backgrounds of prospective hires are all tasks that need to be done.

Tax Administration: The EOR also handles withholding taxes from employee paychecks and allocates their payment to the proper authorities.

Employer of Record Market size is anticipated to grow from USD 4235.8 million in 2021 to USD 6794.5 million by 2028, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.9% from 2022 to 2028.

4 Steps to Choose for Your Successful Business

1.Choose a reliable company: You can get reviews about a company's reputation from online evaluations and suggestions.

2.Ensure International Track Record: It reduces the chance of acting illegally and violating the rights of the host nation.

3.Having the latest technology: The right software and technical know-how guarantee that all activities are completed by the deadline which allows for quick and reliable document retrieval and preservation.

4.Fees: Your EOR provider must disclose all charges up front; any additional fees or expenses are unacceptable.

The Approximate Cost that You Should Know

Depending on your company's needs, EOR costs can change. Some businesses will impose a fixed cost, while others will bill you as a percentage of the payroll they process on your behalf.

The cost varies depending on the services you require, but it often falls between $200 and $500 each month, per employee. Furthermore, knowing this expense will make it easier to plan budget and prepare for the rise that will come with each new hire.

Market Share Percentage (%) (2018-2022)

From the above graph, it is clear that the market share of employer of record service is increasing day by day. From 2018 to 2022 it has increased from  46% to 68%.

4 Beneficial Tips To Hire An Employer of Record

1.Employ a provider with extensive local and international experience.

2.EOR must protect client information.

3.It should be a useful tool for providing an immediate and quick payroll process.

4.The EOR should have knowledge about employing personnel in the target nation.

Is Employer of Record Right For Your Small Business?

Employer of Record (EOR) hires foreign workers directly and assumes financial and legal responsibility for SMEs.

When trying to hire workers abroad, small firms may find an EOR to be helpful. By collaborating with an EOR, they can hire people anywhere in the world without having to establish a new corporate entity.


Is EOR legal in Bangladesh?

Yes, EOR is legal in Bangladesh. The majority of employers of record have strong legal departments on staff to make sure that they handle contracts, benefits, payments, and taxes in conformity with regional employment and tax regulations.

Does EOR service offer remote employment?

The EOR has responsibility for adhering to regional legal standards to guarantee that the client company can hire locals along with international.

How can an EOR service provider avoid risk?

By maintaining rules, regulation, and establishing local and international entity can save from risks.

Can employer of record have sponsor visa?

An EOR is responsible for a variety of formal employment duties in addition to hiring, such as sponsoring legitimate visas and work permits.

Is Peo the same as EOR?

The primary distinction between the two is that PEO requires one to have a local entity and enter into a co-employment agreement, but an EOR enables one to hire abroad without having an entity or a co-employment status.

To Sum Up

Selecting the ideal EOR partner is essential since it affects how successfully a company will expand internationally. 

Thus, employer of record services assist businesses in avoiding the burden of domestic and international operational hiring in concentrating their valuable resources on strategic responsibilities.

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