Marriage is the alliance of two people and their love and trust keep them together. It's a fact that some ups and downs come in all relation and it same in the marriage relation, so couples should keep Patience and if one partner is going is wrong direction and another partner should have to clog and comprehend because it is possession of them. And keep good communication and share your thought with each other’s  to make you relation more beautiful. But it’s not essential that all people are same and follow that rule which can bring happiness in their marriage life cause of unfaith and love.  And this all are the cause of separation and divorce.  But it does not mean that, no solution of all issues and you can’t save your marriage relation. In essence, if you want to save your relation then you can save with the help of an Love vashikaran specialist.  Muslim Astrology is the best way to resolve all kind of issues and it is an ancient way to solve problems in short period of times. Muslim Astrologer have many skill and tactic to resolve all kind of issues and  also have the power to attract and control things and person as per needs , so if you are suffering from marital issues does matter,  issues occur cause of your partner and your mistakes, because they will help you to overcome both situations, if disputes  occur cause of you and your apologize for  this and if your partner don’t want to save your marriage and you want then they will attract your partner towards you and make them fall in love with you. So they will not break a relationship with you.