If you usually like to sleep on your back, finding the right support for your neck is important to ensure comfort as you sleep. This means that when choosing a pillow your sleeping position should always be the main guiding factor. While slide sleepers can get away with sleeping on a pillow with a high loft, this type is less than ideal for a back sleeper. Sleeping on your back puts pressure on your neck and spine so it is important to find a back sleeper pillow that distributes pressure evenly to prevent neck pain.

So, if you want to find the best back sleeper pillow, here are some options that provide the best support.

Down Pillows

The natural softness of a down pillow means that it can easily adjust to the contours of your head and neck. This is especially important for back sleepers since a firm pillow may tilt the head too far upward causing discomfort. For people who sleep on their backs, a moldable pillow that can adjust to the natural curve of the neck and spine is the best option. This is what makes down pillows a suitable choice for back sleepers.

Duck and goose-down pillows are the most popular since they offer enhanced comfort and breathability as you sleep. The softness of a down pillow allows you to sink into the pillow when you sleep on your back ensuring that you are getting the right amount of support for your neck.

Latex Foam Pillow

For back sleepers, proper alignment of the head, neck and spine during sleep is crucial. This is why moldable pillows that conform to the natural arch of your spine are the best option. A latex foam pillow molds naturally to your contours ensuring that your neck and head are properly supported. Sleeping on your back can cause extra pressure on your spine and neck. The support that a latex foam pillow offers ensures that your body is well cushioned in a soft and comfortable position.

Since latex foam holds its shape longer than down, it is suitable for long-term use. This type of pillow does not need plumping or constant fluffing since its shape remains intact as you sleep. This means you can use them for a long time without the pillow losing its shape or comfort level.

Another key advantage of latex foam pillows is that they come in a variety of options including:

·        Memory foam – this type of latex pillow provides superior support for your neck and spine by gently aligning to your body’s natural curvature. They are a great option for people who sleep on their backs and want firm but comfortable support

Shredded latex – If you prefer a pillow that stays cool throughout the night, shredded latex has enough breathability to do just that. With the moldable comfort of shredded latex, back sleepers can sink into the pillow and get enough support without straining their neck. If you are a back sleeper who likes a pillow you can fluff and plump to get the best loft, a shredded latex foam pillow will be an ideal option.