Fasteners are used in the construction of a wide range of common things. If you've ever attempted any DIY tasks, you've most certainly employed fasteners to aid in the completion of the task. We're excited about the impact that high-quality fasteners can play in the lives of both homeowners and professionals at All Points Fasteners. Let's define fasteners and go over some of the numerous types, as well as their diverse applications.

Let's start with a definition of a fastener. Fasteners are a broad category of tools that include screws, nuts, and bolts that have the same purpose: to mechanically hold objects together. Glue, for example, can be used in this way, but it is not a fastener. As a result, we need to expand our definition. Objects are mechanically held together by hardware fasteners.

Different Types of Fasteners


Screws are often the first item that comes to mind when people think about fasteners. Screw fasteners are one of the most adaptable fastening kinds available. Their threaded shafts provide long-lasting holding force, and unlike bolts, they don't require any additional support. A drill is typically used to make a pilot hole in a material, and then a screwdriver is used to push the screw into position. Screws come in a Various variety of types and sizes.


Nails have been used from the beginning of time and are still a common household item. It's easy to recognize the difference between a screw and a nail since a nail doesn't have threading. While a nail doesn't have the same gripping power as a screw, it does have more shear strength, making it a preferable choice in some situations.

Bolts and Nuts

Another popular sort of fastener is nuts and bolts. These two sections work together to keep components in place. The bolt is inserted through the two sections you want to attach, then tightened using a nut on the end.

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