It appears the secret to satisfying a woman in bed may have gone beyond physical performance, being a macho or being gifted in employing different techniques. A study has shown that satisfying a woman sexually has a lot to do with the man being funny and having a good financial standing.

In other words, men who want to impress and satisfy their women in bed should focus less on techniques and more on how humorous they are to their partners and how much income they or their families earn. By so doing, they would get the desired results and earn praise even if they do little in the bedroom.

The study found that women are likely to have stronger orgasms, apart from having a good sex, if their partner is funny and he is from a financially well-off family.

No doubt, sex is good in a marriage but it is much better and sweet when both parties – man and woman – are satisfied or they reach orgasm after the act. Even though men are quicker to reach orgasm, it, sometimes, seems like a thing of luck for women to reach that destination.


Inasmuch as most men would want to impress their partners in bed and help them reach orgasm, learning a few jokes, boosting their self-confidence and working hard to increase their earnings may be the way to go for them.

The study, published by, was carried out by a psychologist, George Gallup, and his colleagues at the University of Albany, New York, United States. They interviewed heterosexual female college students in committed relationships and asked them to rate how often they reached orgasm during sex with their partners and compared their answers to their partners’ family income, self-confidence and attractiveness.

Also, the friends of the participants were then asked to rate the attractiveness of the participants’ partners, to get a more accurate, less biased score.

The researchers found that sexual satisfaction was strongly related to the partner’s sense of humour, which predicted his self-confidence and family income, which also influenced how often the women instigated sex for more orgasm.

The study further found that the man’s looks and his broad shoulder also played a role in making them attractive to the woman. If these complement the man’s wealthy status and humour, a better sex is guaranteed.

Gallup said, “The man’s sense of humour not only predicted his self-confidence and family income, it also predicted women’s propensity to initiate sex, how often they had sex and the frequency and intensity of their orgasm in comparison with other partners whose men had no such attributes.

“Women would have better sex and more likely to reach orgasm if they find their partner attractive, hence, sexual satisfaction was also related to how physically attracted women were to their partner, apart from wealth and funny attributes.

“Since the women enjoyed their previous encounter with their rich and funny partners, the frequency of their orgasm was highly correlated with their orgasm intensity, which was marginally a better predictor of sexual satisfaction.”

The researchers also found that when the partner was funny, self-confident and his family were high earners, the frequency of the women’s orgasm was related to the strength of the orgasm, which was stronger.

Even though women’s orgasm does not necessarily come through penetrative sex as it could be through foreplay or any other sexual activity, the same effect was noticed even when the women did not necessarily engage in penetrative sex with their funny partners.

Accordingly, apart from the women being comfortable with their rich partner as they tend to do more to retain the man, a reviewer of the study said it might mean that the couple had somewhere comfortable and private to do it, so that they had sex more often.

Nonetheless, it is not all gloom for men who are neither funny nor from wealthy background, they have been advised to perform better in bed, help their partner to be in a relaxed mood before sexual intercourse and ultimately, touch them in the right places.

Reacting to the study, a psychologist, Prof. Toba Elegbeleye, said apart from the psychological effect that could be created by the money owned by a partner and the relaxed mood that could result from being with a funny partner, there is more to satisfying a woman in bed and ultimately making her have orgasm.

He noted that even though money solves a lot of problems, other factors such as how good a man is in bed and his ability to touch the woman in the right places would readily guarantee the woman a strong orgasm regardless of whether he is rich or funny, provided she was not being forced into having the sexual intercourse.”

He said, “A scientific research should consider all factors that could affect the subject matter not minding their degree of impact, so there are other factors that could make a woman reach orgasm.

“Being rich and funny can be contributory as money could solve a lot of problems and being funny could put her in a relaxed mood, but if the husband knows exactly the right buttons to touch, definitely a woman will reach orgasm, whether rich or not, as long as the woman decides to submit herself for sex and under normal circumstances.

“On its own, being rich could even be a distraction for the woman because she could be thinking of how to get more money from the man and she could be making all the funny noise to make the man feel good without necessarily enjoying it.

“A woman would want to satisfy a man at least to be able to retain the relationship and his company, but if his being funny and rich puts her at a disadvantage and she seeks to satisfy him at all cost, that takes away from her the possibility of enjoying sex to a level where the orgasm would be very strong. When orgasm appears to be very strong in that circumstance, it is fake. Even if it is strong, it is not because of the money or humour.”

Elegbeleye argued that the orgasms experienced by partners of some rich men could be fake as such women would fake the orgasm to retain their relationships by making the men feel impressed with their performances.

“I want to put a stake and say that almost 75 per cent of orgasms that rich men think their women enjoy are fake because the women want to retain them. However, it doesn’t mean such women can’t reach orgasm but may not be all the time. If a man is rich, funny and able to satisfy a woman, he can evoke a very strong orgasm in her but usually it is very rare for an individual to successfully combine those qualities,” he said.