As the use of technology is increasing in the mutual fund sector, with it the mutual fund investors’ hopes and expectations are also increasing. It has engendered many new peripheral tasks for mutual fund firms like constant portfolio management, communication with all clients, the requirement of different tools and reports and providing instant solutions. The responsibilities of advisors have enlarged to the extent that they need more human resources to complete the firm’s operations and if there is a shortage of any source then it will create a gap ergo it will affect the productivity of the business.

Mutual Fund Software for Distributors provided by REDVision Technologies is a platform that has the capability to qualify distributors to over-perform across all the parameters, work independently and bring extraordinary results. 

Highlights of Mutual Fund Software

Less reliance on human resources as the platform enables the distributor to serve multiple clients alone at a time.Availability of 20 + calculators for profitable research outcomes.Proper asset allocation in clients’ portfolios on the basis of their goals.Promote own mutual fund business by digital marketing and branding by URL and logo of the company.Constant inspection of investment portfolio through goal tracking.Online investment and redemption transactions in a minute.Export reports like Live MF Portfolio, P&L Valuation, Realised Fund XIRR and Realised Capital Gain Reports in a click.Get a smart link for NPS and get customers to invest in NPS.

There are 2 main priorities of every Mutual Fund Advisor, one is to deliver satisfying services to clients and fulfill their needs and the other one is the cumulative growth of the advisor business. The described points make distributor potential enough to achieve both goals and dominate the mutual fund market. The interactive user interface, Online ATM, overall wealth management and multiple investment options are some of the features that attract clients to work with the advisor. Categories clients and making business growth strategies according to their investment behavior and convincing them to invest more to Increase AUM could be a good option for the MFD.