The investment market has always remained a subject of risk and high uncertainty having the capacity to ruin the funds of clients within seconds.  The distributors investing the money of clients with no expectations of future performance put the funds on high risk that may cause heavy loss to the clients. To prevent uncertainty having a proper research is must that allows investing the funds in the right direction.

The Mutual Fund Software efficiently measures the performance of the clients funds in the near future based on which schemes selection is done. The REDVision Technologies presents fair research results.


·         Fair comparison of schemes before investing funds.

·         Assess dividend history for future performance.

·         Calculate future results on the funds.

·         Deliver expected results to the investors.

·         Measures productivity of the investment.

In absence of the research facility the distributors faces consequence in managing the funds of the investors and suffers loss. While the distributors who perform research before investment gives high results to the investors and strengthens the relations with the clients.

Thus it is advised to the distributors to adapt the wealth managing platform in the business in order to meet the expectation of clients without bearing any high risk.

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