The distributors business before the arrival of technology was operated manually based on human intelligence and capacity to pursue dealings. As even human lacks certain accuracy in the tasks to be performed then in such case need for a technical assistance generates which gives rise to the Mutual Fund Software that is fully capable to deal with all kind of issues. The REDVision Technologies is popularly known for the development of Fin-tech solutions assisting advisors in competing with rivals.

Benefits to distributors:

·         Cost effective method ensuring high revenue for the firm.

·         Uninterrupted delivery of service at effective cost.

·         Quick management of entire wealth held by investors.

·         Wide network of clients is easily managed.

·         Services are easy to deliver through single click.

Features of Software:

·         Performs research over stocks and schemes.

·         Financial calculators for estimating future returns.

·         Reduces risk and optimizes returns.

·         AI assistance for business operations.

·         Multiple reports to handle business performance and client investment.

The advisor benefit is top most priority of the software and to solve all complexities restricting the growth of the firm. The digital platform is backed by highly advanced features that deliver solution for every issue. The benefits of the software are worth effective and contributing additional values for the business along with improving performance for long term. For more information, visit @-