The investment segment is highly volatile and not easy either for the distributors or investors to survive just due to movements in the stocks based on events, news or incident. Many distributors firm came on the verge of closure because of ignoring technology improvement in the industry. Since the launch of Mutual Fund Software for IFA the reality for distributors has been changed as the new emerging technology have made it easy to handle complex task and operations of business. The productivity of the firm has been upgraded for those distributors who adapted the dynamic change.

Conducting business activities and pursuing transactions has become convenient for distributors through the Mutual Fund Software which not only proved beneficial for IFA’s but also for the investors. The technical platform facilitated in dealing with the challenges that arrives in the field of investment.

Benefits to distributors through software:

·         Conversion of difficult and challenging task into convenient process.

·         Systematic financial planning for client’s portfolio.

·         Paperless record of important information of clients.

·         Quick interaction platform for distributors and investors.

·         Bulk management of users and distributors of the business.

Special Features:

·         Data Management: The software manages the data of clients on behalf of advisor which reduces the operational cost for distributors and thus helps in securing more revenue for the business.

·         Business Assistant: The software is personal assistant of distributors which perform advance operations in the benefit of business and ensures growth of the business at reasonable cost.

·         Financial Calculators: The advanced financial calculators assist distributors in performing complex calculations of returns for the future that can be achieved through present investment.

The distributors following traditional method of business management are on the stage of closure because staying rigid to the same technology makes the whole business obsolete and cannot generate anything rather than loss for the business. Thus, it is better for distributors to stay being adaptive towards latest techniques in order to secure the major position in the industry.

Those distributor moved along with the dynamic changes are at the better positions and setting a benchmark in the industry for competitors. The technical assistance is must for every business and distributors to survive till long term and has maximum chances of getting success which has adopted software for accomplishing back operations of firm.  

Thus the software is effective from all perspective and works in the interest of distributors for growing business and improving customer satisfaction till the long term. Not only the present situation of advisor business is improved but also the upcoming issues are resolved at initial phase and stand the firm to be competitive in rivalry market.

Broadly, it can be understood by one that having existence of the software has brought significant changes in the firm and pattern of dealing in the market. Even maximum interruptions has been reduced which is strengthening the relations between the parties.

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