The assessment of the investors is essential at the initial stage that is before investing the funds in the market because of the heavy fluctuations in the investment market. It is required to determine the potential of the investors to bear risk in the market that shows the investment behavior of the investors. Without identification of risk appetite the distributors may form the wrong the strategy that may ruin the entire funds.

The REDVision Technologies provides the best Mutual Fund Software for Distributors that assists distributors in assessing the investors in accurate form based on which suitable strategy is formed.


·         Fair potential of the investors is ascertained.

·         The investment is optimized effectively.

·         Accurate planning for investment is done.

·         Distributor’s efforts are reduced.

·          Less chances of loss on the funds.

Thus the distributors should go with the financial platform that assists them in operating the business with convenience and the helps in dealing with multiple clients at a time to expand the firms operations.

It is suggested to the distributors to assess the investors at priority that allows forming the most appropriate strategy meeting the risk potential of the investors. 

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