Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) is recruiting the most eligible and interested candidates in the Revenue, Finance and School education department. The selection will be conducted for the recruitment of skilled candidates within the state of Madhya Pradesh. The recruitment will be purely based on the preliminary and mains exams. The prelims exam was conducted on 12th January 2020. Also the mains exam done on July 25, 2021. Check here for the MPPSC Preparation Strategy and explore the toppers strategy for mppsc exam 2021.


This exam is one of the most difficult examinations. Many candidates appear in this examination only after incomplete preparation, and later they must bear the brunt of it as a failure. Therefore, if you want to get better results in MPPSC exam, then you should adopt these easy tips that are being told by the most prestigious mppsc coaching of indore.

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Important  points on Mppsc  Study  Preparation:


1. Focus on Accuracy:

The main target for the candidates should be on achieving high accuracy. In the MPPSC exam, there is no negative marking and a need to attain the qualifying paper to pass the exam. In such scenario, candidates cannot depend upon random selection of answers or choosing the odd one out; this might end up in fetching you a wrong answering and thus losing the prospective scores.

2. Time Management:

The MPPSC exam is about time management and command over speed. Candidates are required to attempt as many questions as possible in the given time frame. Candidates should focus on managing time while attempting the mock tests online. Try not to give over one minute to a particular question.

3. Practice Previous Year Papers:

Practicing mppsc previous years papers is a vital process for scoring high in the MPPSC exam. So, undertake the practice of mock tests for MPPSC exams and brush up your preparation level. By practicing the mock tests, candidates will not only get confident about their MPPSC exam preparations, but it will also give you a good idea about our stronghold areas and sections of the examinations.

4. Make a timetable for self-study:

Aspirants who are willing to prepare at home must and should have a proper timetable regarding their self-study. They must be able to manage their time for the topics that need to be covered. Candidates should have a good knowledge of the MPPSC syllabus, and they should be thorough with every topic/section, as the MPPSC exam paper is likely to include different types of questions in it.

5. Complete the syllabus topic-wise:

This is the important thing because if you are studying in such a way that you don’t even know from which topic the question is, then this will be a big problem. Remembering the questions is difficult, but if you study topic-wise, then it will be easy to complete the topics, and at the time of examination, you can quickly solve the questions.

6. Learn through online resources:

Candidates should try and make use of online resources by downloading relevant MPPSC exam books and study materials and practice more from mock papers and prior years’ MPPSC exam question papers for better preparation.

7. Prepare Short Key Notes:

·         Make precise mppsc notes of all the topics that are frequently over the past years.

·         These short notes will help you in preparing at the very last moment.

·         You should perform a quick revision of these notes daily.

·         Keep in mind that the keynotes must be short, precise & to the point.

8. Revision is must:

·         Revision is the most important part of every exam.

·         As the syllabus is wide, it is natural to forget things.

·         To avoid forgetting, timely revision is necessary.

9. Analyse yourself:

·         Candidates can go for MPPSC test series that are available online.

·         Taking a mock test will help the aspirants to increase their question-solving speed.

·         Taking mock tests will increase the precision & accuracy of a candidate & they will finish the actual exam in time.