Etihad Airways Must Know Cancellation Policies and How To Cancel Tickets 

Etihad is a well-known name in the airline industry and is responsible for carrying more than 1000 flights per week in the Middle East alone. When the airline is responsible for managing so many flights, it is natural to have a proper system to manage and reschedule flights if an issue occurs or passengers cancel a flight. If you plan to cancel your flight, go through the  Etihad flight cancellation policy before deciding if this is the best option.

Cancellation Policies & Fee

If you cancel the flight at least one week before the flight is due to travel, you might be eligible for a refund. But if you cancel the flight within 96 hours of departure time, you are liable to pay the penalty. This penalty may be up to 10% of the amount you paid during the flight booking.

All the tickets, irrespective of their type and fare, are eligible to get a full refund if the tickets are canceled within 24 hours of booking them. Under such circumstances, no Etihad cancellation fees are charged, and passengers get a full refund. This is only applicable for the flight which is not due to a departure within 7 days from the booking date.

Refunds will take between 14 to 30 days before they are processed back into the original account. Depending on the ticket type and fare paid, the cancellation fee can vary from ticket to ticket.

If the tickets were booked via a travel agent or agency, people are advised to contact them directly and initiate your refund request. 

In cases where Etihad is responsible for the delay or cancellation of your flight, the Etihad flight cancellation policy states that Etihad Airways will provide a full refund to the customers.

Steps to Cancel Ticket

The simplest way to cancel an Etihad flight is through their website. 

When you go through the "Help" tab on Etihad's official page

Go to "Manage My Booking"

On the page, you will find the box with the option to type in your Etihad Confirmation number and first name

You can click the mustard color "Find My Booking" and follow the given steps to make changes.

If you do not wish to do it on your own, you can always get in touch with customer care via the many options provided by the airline. The executives can help you with the Etihad cancellation fees and other topics that might concern you.