One of the many QuickBooks features is QuickBooks Multi-User Mode, which enables many users to access the same company file from various workstations connected to a network. It's just as easy to access the company file in a shared network as it is on your PC. However, an issue occurs when QuickBooks cannot open the company file for any reason and displays the QuickBooks error H507. If you're receiving an error message with the Error Code H505, read the entire article for thorough troubleshooting tips.

A brief review of the QuickBooks error code H505

There are various H-series errors that can occur in QuickBooks, and the majority of these are caused by network problems that develop when you attempt to access a company file that is kept on a server. An H-series error appears on the screen if QuickBooks has trouble connecting to the server. When a user's computer running QuickBooks is unable to connect to the network computer containing the company file, an error message with the error code H505 is displayed. This error suggests that there are setup issues with the network that are preventing connections between many workstations in the network.