One thing that sets Jet Airways apart from other airlines is the method of making the reservation. It is rather unusual for a customer to be asked for a "Reservations Number" at the time of booking a flight. They are generally offered to the customer as part of the credit card payment. One thing to be aware of is that not all credit cards that can be used for Jet Airways purchases are the same.

Since Jet Airways does not have a customer loyalty program, they do not use the frequent flyer miles to reward frequent travelers. Even if a frequent traveler buys a ticket on one of their airline flights, there is no reward. This means that if you have a Jet Airways Reservation Number, it might not show up in your frequent flyer miles account.

Credit cards for frequent fliers are typically sold in a package deal. The credit card company offers a credit card with a reasonable annual percentage rate (APR) for the life of the account, while at the same time also offering the card with the Jet Airways Reservation Number as a separate credit card account.

There are many benefits to using these cards. The points that are earned through purchases on the cards are worth much more than the points actually spent. Using them allows the customer to accumulate miles with little effort.

In addition, there is no need to go through the trouble of writing or faxing a check or requesting that the money be mailed to you. When you get a credit card that uses the Jet Airways Reservation Number, there is no need to write checks either!

However, it should be noted that Jet Airways reserves the right to cancel any particular flight. This is a process that is known as "ticket de-load", and it takes place when a customer uses the "Reservations Number" to book another flight. In fact, there is absolutely no need to mail anything at all; it doesn't even have to be a check. If you have a Jet Airways Reservation Number, the airline is also legally bound to allow you to use the number. This means that a customer should not be worried about losing money due to ticket de-load.

A customer should also know that Jet Airways reserves the right to limit the number of bookings made on one card. When a person has a Jet Airways Reservation Number, they can make more than one bookings per day. However, when the number becomes too low, the customer will be able to make fewer bookings.

Once the number goes to zero, the customer will lose their frequent flier miles. This is true even if there are no further bookings made. The number may continue to decrease for a few months before being reset.

Another thing to know about Jet Airways is that it will also reset the number if the customer sends in their passport. The airline reserves the right to de-value this number if a passport is requested.

Since most people who travel for business do not travel on a frequent basis, they will probably only have enough frequent flier miles to cancel a flight once. However, this is not always the case, as business people can be booked on multiple flights per month.

Jet Airways often de-values the number every month, but this rarely happens. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Just be sure to check your Jet Airways Reservation Number each month for the newest balance.