This is a shocking expose' of the Word of Faith (WOF) movement, the Toronto Blessing inspired revivals, and Prophetic Movement. The eye-book indicates how the gold dust and distinct signs and signs and wonders usually arise to ministers and church homes related to the prosperity gospel, or Toronto Blessing, or Word of Faith (WOF). These are the ministers that the Bible warns us about. Jesus said many faux prophets will arise and perform signs and signs and wonders inside aspect the remaining days.

Fortner says, “The flow of Christ is now not dripping with the blood of our Savior, but is protected with gold dust, and dripping money. There is oil seeping from a prosperity preacher who bottles it and sells it. There are faux spirits that motive barking like a dog, levitation, weird laughter, and out of body experiences. Such is the dominion of many Pentecostal and Charismatic church homes in recent times.”

He fees a former Christian who has emerged as a witch who went to a nice church in California (named inside aspect the eye-book). She became prophesied over thru four awesome people and they all said similar things, which amounted to God saying he is pleased with what she is doing and he will bless her work (inside aspect the coven), and to keep doing it!

Fortner said this proves that those in this church are running thru divination and evil spirits, now not the Holy Spirit. But the numerous affected church homes have a combination of the Holy Spirit and evil spirits. He includes recollections of people who have obtained demon spirits after being prayed for in one of the revivals of Todd Bentley and others, or actually listened to their CDs.

What is most lovely is the evidence he presents that indicates the top WOF preachers on TV knowingly study Satan; because of the reality they famed Satan at some point of their preaching and teaching. He gives the evidence in print, but it's miles more powerful to appearance it on video, which he makes available unfastened online. You can see a TV preacher saying, after taking an offering, “Tie my money, Satan.” These portions to him virtually praying to Satan. (The preachers are named inside aspect the eye-book, and you can see them on video.)

Unlike distinct books that have been written on this subject, Fortner grew up in an antique fashion Pentecostal church in which he became warned about the doctrines of the WOF Charismatics. The distinct books as it should be show how horribly wrong the WOF movement is, but the ones books are being disregarded because of the reality they were written thru individuals who attack all Pentecostals and Charismatics, now not actually the WOF.

He stays a Spirit-stuffed believer in recent times but believes the works of Satan want to be exposed. He includes his non-public assessment of the WOF faux doctrines, and moreover speaks in the direction of the prosperity gospel, and indicates how wrong it's miles.