is a very simple game that anyone can play.How to play animedle is very easy, we will use the image that the game provides and our job is to guess the anime name and then fill in the search line.With each guess the name and answer if you are wrong, the anime will reveal another new image. With this game there will be one turn each day and each turn will have 6 times for us to guess the anime in 1 day and if you fail all 6 turns in the day, then you wait until tomorrow to continue the challenge.With the unknown image you can skip by not submitting the answer to see the new image to continue to guess the anime correctly. has a very simple gameplay. we just need to knit the letters into the blank so that the letter after it is different from the letter before it and so on, knit all the blanks. The special thing about this game is that the player will always know if the result is right or wrong, even players can post their results on the game page to compare with other players.This game is similar to a word puzzle game, very simple, suitable for all ages, especially the game also requires players to accumulate vocabulary and this is also an opportunity for those who want to hone their knowledge. awake. knowledge and vocabulary.