Stainless steel is preferred by many industries due to its excellent characteristics. Because these industries are so large in terms of production, they need a robust material to keep their output steady. Stainless steel 304 is used in every industry. For the same reason that Petrochemical, Oil, and Gas sectors utilize Stainless Steel 304 forged fittings, the food and beverage business uses vessels constructed of this alloy to avoid any chemical reaction or chemical mixing between the alloy and the material. Because it is a great material for preventing fluid leakage, Stainless Steel 304 Forged Fittings are also utilized in offshore and onshore drilling.

Other major industries that use SS forged fittings include petroleum refinery sectors such as catalytic, recuperator; power generation plants, thermal plants, nuclear plants, solar power plants, petrochemical and refineries, marine, dredging, offshore and onshore drilling, pharmaceutical industry, and paper production. Building typically uses forged fittings, and the fittings necessary for construction are larger than regular fittings.