Inconel 600 is a versatile nickel-chromium alloy with excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures. In chloride-containing situations, Inconel 600 Buttweld Fittings by Inconel 600 Pipe Fittings Manufacturer provide increased strength and resistance to pitting and stress corrosion cracking. Inconel 600 is a nonmagnetic alloy with excellent formability and weldability.

In decreasing conditions, the nickel component of these buttweld fittings provides good resistance to organic and inorganic chemicals. It also gives resistance to alkaline content and stress corrosion cracking caused by chloride ions. The Inconel 600 Buttweld Fittings chromium concentration provides resistance to sulfur, oxidizing solutions, neutral salts, and other caustic conditions. 

Apart from that, formic, acetic, and other acidic media do not corrode these fittings. Inconel 600 alloy can be hot and cold produced using normal techniques. Buttwelding in Inconel 600 Fittings provide superior mechanical strength and longevity in high-pressure and high-temperature environments. Even in harsh conditions, these buttweld fittings have a lower maintenance cost and a longer working life. Buttweld Fittings made of Inconel 600 have increased fatigue strength, toughness, and hardness to resist repeated loads.