Conflicts may arise in any workplace environment. In fact, it could be present at your flower delivery Melbourne CBD and can make a huge impact on the working relationships or performances of your hired workers. Here are the 3 common conflicts that you should be aware as the owner and manager of a flower delivery business.
·         Conflict that may result due to one’s assigned responsibility

This is one of the common conflicts happening in a work environment, the worker’s assigned responsibility in the organization. For example, if the manager is given authority to call on any employee’s attention for poor performance at work like tardiness, low productivity or frequent mistakes while taking orders, these flaws of the concerned employee may lead to a conflict if the manager keeps on blaming him or her.

·         Conflict due to employee’s personality

Different personalities thrive in a workplace and conflicting personalities of employees often lead to clashes of opinion or ideas. A very good example, a newly hired supervisor who has domineering personality will not likely blend with a team of flower delivery Melbourne CBD employees who are outgoing and used to working on their own terms. A new supervisor may seem a threat to their freedom. If you want to avoid conflicts due to a change in management like a newly appointed supervisor, make sure all staff members are informed of this new appointment and make clear rules when it comes to chain of command.

·         Conflict due to overlapping of duties

Sometimes, there are certain duties in a workplace that tend to overlap with another employee’s work and conflict may arise. You can prevent any misunderstanding by orienting all hired workers of your flower delivery Melbourne CBD about their roles and responsibilities. If there are certain job positions where duties may overlap like a customer staff could also perform the duties assigned to a marketing staff like enticing the customer to avail their flower delivery promos, you have to inform the concerned employees that everyone are working as one team and it should not be an issue if someone offered a helping hand to another staff if the results are for the greater advantage of the business’ operation.


Maintaining a peaceful workplace for your employees can be a challenging task, but if you include your hired workers to take part of this mission, then, I’m sure everyone will do their best efforts to win each one’s trust and approval.
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