As a serious entrepreneur of a same day delivery Sydney facing a negative review, your concern right now is make a quick action to this problem. Remember, no matter how small or big is your business a negative review can create a harmful impact to the operation of your business and future earnings. So, how do you handle a client’s negative feedback? Below are 4 amazing tips to assist you as you make the appropriate actions:

1. Attend to complaints or negative reviews promptly

In today’s advanced technology, receiving a customer’s complaint or negative comment doesn’t only come from a phone call. In fact, it can be posted and shared directly to the client’s social media account like Facebook or Twitter. For some customers who are more conservative and like to keep everything in private, may send a letter of complaint to express dissatisfaction. If you have received complaints, respond immediately no matter how busy you are, either by sending an email to make a sincere apology and promise a quick resolution to the complaint.

2. Don’t make false representations on your business

Some businesses ended up facing negative feedbacks because of false representations they make for their products or services. Be genuine on what you are really offering. For example, don’t announce full availability of your same day delivery Sydney guys just to attract more delivery orders, when in reality you know for a fact that you have limited manpower. Remember, angry customers can leave nasty remarks about your incompetency that could lead to a bad reputation.

3. Be ready to listen

If you are confronted with an angry costumer, never retaliate. The best move is to deal with it calmly and listening carefully. If you are at fault, admit it and provide a solution in a timely manner.

4. State your terms and conditions clearly

There are instances that negative feedbacks happen due to customer’s misunderstanding of your same day delivery Sydney terms and conditions. Always act professionally when put in this kind of situation by being courteous while explaining your policy on delivery services availed. If the client was just confused, promise to provide a clearer set of rules.

One of the major issues that could harm or pose great threat to the success of your same day delivery business is a negative review. Checkout the reasons behind a complaint or negative review and in the event you are at fault after a thorough investigation, make a sincere effort to win back your consumer’s approval. Make everything under your power to provide client’s satisfaction at all times.

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