1. Rather than some other material, glass can spread, absorb or refract light. As needs be, it might be both clear and direct. Such characteristics add remarkable eminence to your structure. 
2. Glass can send 80% of daylight all over. It can do as such with no enduring, obfuscating, or yellowing. 
3. It is environment safe. Glass can withstand the effects of precipitation, wind, and the sun without losing its uprightness and highlights. 
4. Glass is moreover rust-verification. Not in the slightest degree like some other, it won't ruin by engineered compounds and the including environmental effects. 
5. It has a smooth and cleaned surface. Accordingly, glass is dust-verification and in this way easy to clean. 
6. It is monetary. Consider the way that glass saves energy by allowing in typical light regardless, when you close your windows and entryways. It in like manner saves you on the force charge cost. 
7. You are much safer from electric dangers. The glass is a staggering cover. It is hence inconceivable for it to communicate electric stream. 
8. Collection of tones. Right when you join the glass in ensured or covered units, it changes in concealing and appearance. 
9. Glass can be crushed, blown, and drawn to any shape. Hence, it is used in structures, shop fronts, windows, and entryways. After overlay with squeezed wood or a metal sheet, you can similarly use it for furniture. 
10. It is especially phenomenal for show regions and displays. Glass gives the best approach to highlight a thing. 
Glass is similarly scraped area safe, opposing surface wear if there ought to be an event of contact with other material. It is also consistent over a wide extent of temperatures that is the explanation it can in like manner be utilized in chimney stacks. 
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