Committed Law Firm Takes On Issues with Visas, Deportation, and that's only the tip of the iceberg

In case you are confronting a movement bond hearing or departure (removal) continuing, or you need help with getting a visa or shelter, you don't have to investigate the framework all alone. At Shankar and Associates, PC our Immigration Lawyer Nassau has encountered it. We utilize that experience to help customers with their migration matters.

Supporting Clients through the Immigration Bond Process and Building Eligible Defenses in Removal Proceedings

Certain workers may be confined previously and additionally all through evacuation procedures by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Confinement could be a result of unlawful passage, outstaying a visa, or wrongdoing, be that as it may, expulsion procedures could require months and even a long time. We can clarify the movement bond cycle and costs to you and address you under the careful gaze of the migration judge in showing why your delivery ought to be endorsed.

Contingent on your condition, you may in like manner have qualified guards to expulsion, for example,

• Asylum

• Marriage/change of status forthcoming

• A criminal or noncriminal waiver

• DHS blunder

• VAWA ((Violence against Women Act)

Regardless, at whatever point it seems like there is insignificant chance of having the choice to stay in the country, these and various conditions might permit it — we'll pursue each opportunity to help you.

Gifted Lawyer Helps Clients Applying For Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas and Green Cards

Our firm aides customers wanting to get EB-1 and other work based outsider visas, similarly as brief, non-worker visas for such purposes as work or instruction, including B-1 visas for business visitors and H-1B visas for strength occupations. We can in like manner help you with applying for a green card, which grants you to live and work in the US forever, and we'll clarify how legitimate lasting home moreover can be acquired by certain nearby relatives of green card holders and inhabitants.

Sympathetic Advocate Helps People Applying For Asylum Status

Our firm aides customers in applying for haven status to get themselves and furthermore their families, whether or not it be from maltreatment for their religion, race, political feelings, personality, or gathering of individuals. You can get haven through the agreed technique if you are actually existing in the nation, paying little notice to your migration status. If you are correct now defying extradition, you can similarly apply through the guarded cycle — mentioning refuge as a safeguard against evacuation.

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