The hospitality industry is highly competitive, therefore survival is difficult for beginners. Moreover, consumer preferences are changing rapidly, which makes it challenging to attract and retain customers. The secret to attaining a competitive edge and building a loyal customer base is interior design. Hiring a restaurant interior designer makes the most sense to attain a higher return on investment. 

The interior design of a bar or restaurant is an essential element to create the right ambience. You can attract new customers and a well-designed space offers a competitive advantage. Hence, the selection of the right interior designer is very important in the hospitality industry. Let’s find out how to choose the most experienced and trusted professionals for the job.


Experience matters

Find out a professional who carved a niche in the industry. You should look for designers or consultants who have worked on projects similar to yours. For instance, a bar designer may not be able to offer top-notch services for an F&B establishment or vice versa. There are lots of design elements that go into the concept hence the selection of the designer should be based on their industry expertise and not just the pricing structure. 

Style of the designer

Every restaurant designer has a unique identity of their own. Although these experts are well aware of finding a middle ground between their preferences and client’s expectations, it is very important to find a designer whose vision matches the aesthetics you have in mind. More importantly, a good designer is one that guides you on the best suited aesthetic elements that will work best for your target audience.

Communicate the needs and wants

There are lots of restaurant design consultants competing with each other in the industry. Communication is the key to finding a professional that will suit your needs. Get a quote from different designers and compare their communication skills. You should be able to communicate your expectations perfectly. See how effectively you can share your demands and how efficiently the designer is listening to them. It is very important to be on the same page when it comes to designing and concept development. Find a professional that listens to you patiently and offers valuable feedback based on their industry expertise.

Concept development expertise 

Rather than finding just a designer, research a bit and choose a specialist in restaurant concept development. A concept developer offers the right guidance from the beginning of the project. You can leverage their management skills as well as they have a strong network of contractors so you can get all jobs done in one place.

References and reviews

Leverage the power of the internet and seek designers with top-notch reviews and ratings. Look online and seek reviews from their past clients. You can also ask for references to get a sense of the designer and their expertise.

Final words

Carefully consider the above listed tips to pick the best designer or consultant for your business. Experts at Soho Hospitality can also help you create a well-designed space. They have years of experience in restaurant and bar consulting.