The Importance Of Background Screening For Potential Hire                                                                                                         

A company running a background check is a good sign that they're interested in hiring you. Because employment background checks are costly, most businesses will not conduct one unless there is a compelling reason. If your company works with vulnerable people or sensitive information, a background check may be even more important. We provide comprehensive employment background checks to assist in screening applicants for suitability.

According to the Society for Human Research Management, 95 % of surveyed employers use one or even more types of employment background checks, according to a 2021 HR report (SHRM).

Key Elements

1. A third party employment background check service makes the interview and hiring process easy for a company.

2. Conducting employment background check services is time consuming. It also helps to reduce cost for a business.

3. An employment background check includes criminal history, employment record, education, driving record and online social media check etc.

Reason For Conduct Employment Background Checks

A criminal background check can help you determine whether or not an applicant is a good match for your company. One out of every ten people has a criminal record and others could have had negative interactions with the police.

It is critical to know more about each potential employee when deciding who to hire from an applicant pool. Otherwise, your company and its employees may be subject to harassment, theft, assault, and fraud.

Employment background checks help to validate information on a resume. Approximately 40% of job applications have been altered to include false or incorrect information. Employers should ensure that the candidate they are trying to interview is who they say they are. It can be used to ascertain whether an applicant graduated from the college stated and has the job experience stated.

The Employment Backgrounds Checks Include

1. Verification of Employment History

The employment history includes all of the companies for which you have worked, as well as  job titles, dates of employment, and salaries earned at each of the employee jobs.

2. Verification of Education

 The educational history includes the high school, college and any professional accreditations. Employers may also look at the dates you attended each school.

3. Credit History Check

During background checks, a company may explore your credit for a variety of reasons. The most probable explanation is that your credit history can prove your level of responsibility. 

4. Background Checks and Criminal Records

The laws governing the checking of criminal history differ depending on your state of residence. Some states prohibit questions about arrests or convictions that occur more than a certain number of years ago. Others only consider criminal history for specific positions.

5. Drug and alcohol screenings

Applicants for employment may be required to take a variety of drug and alcohol tests. Pre-employment drug tests and health checks may be required before hiring. We are the best employment background check services provider in Bangladesh.

6. Reference Check

Reference checks are carried out by directly contacting coworkers, supervisors, or other business colleagues. This gives the employer insight into the applicant's skills and work ethic as well as validates the data supplied on the resume and during the interview.

The Benefits Of Employment Background Checks

With the rise in personal theft and identity thieves, background check services have become essential in the management and operation of a successful business. There are so many benefits for employment background checks:

Improved Hiring Quality

When you use a comprehensive employment background check service, you will notice an increase in the quality of recruit in your employee efforts. These businesses have the right specialists who will assist you in screening the right employee to fill the vacant position in your company.

Regulatory Compliance Enhanced

Consider working with an expert employment background check company when recruiting new staff for your company. Most experienced firms have in-house conformance experts who can assist your company in developing a screening solution that meets federal regulatory requirements as well as industry standards. It is important to note that if this sort of screening program, your company may face ongoing legal problems and fines.

Improved Security And Safety

As a business owner, you must understand that employment background checks help to reduce future violence in the workplace by rejecting applicants who pose a threat to the workplace environment. The majority of the screening programs used by these companies provide critical insight into potentially dangerous behavioral habits.

Lower Alcohol Abuse

Most company owners do not suggest hiring employees who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Hiring the best employment background check service provider will assist you in hiring the best staff members who do not use alcohol or drugs. It should be noted that alcoholic workers can result in violence, crime, and reduced performance.

Time Can Take An Employment Background Check

It all depends. The background check will take around a week if you are trying to apply for a non-federal job. When applying for a federal position, the background check can take several months. These timeframes, of course, are for the background check itself. You are unlikely to hear from the corporation the same day the results are received. They must first examine the findings before contacting you.

A discrepancy with the information is the most likely reason for a background check to be delayed, so provide complete and accurate information to expedite the process.


Maintaining a compliant employment background check policy for your corporation will enable you to assess and hire in a consistent and fair manner.

As laws governing employee privacy and security evolve and change, so should your screening policy.

Working with a third-party employment solutions provider, such as SunBD, allows businesses to profit from our expertise when establishing a comprehensive screening while also shortening the hiring process.