In this tech-driven where everyone is working with dedication to appear on the first page of search engine result pages (SERP), the old spammy tricks will not work for you. Right now, it is all about producing quality content that attracts, informs and converts the visitors. But writing and posting the quality content won’t make your brand appear on the very first page so, you have to do more than just spamming to increase the visibility of your brand.

Experts believe that there are numerous link building tactics that beat the odds and stood still during the test of time.

Guess what? Guest blogging is just one of these techniques.

If done with strategic planning, guest blogging can certainly become one of the best ways to build quality links that can make your website rank higher on Google.

What is the most common guest blogging challenges?

No matter, how easy it looks creating quality links with guest posting is more challenging than what meets the eye. There are multiple challenges SEO experts have to face while providing digital marketing services in the USA. These challenges include: -

-Finding blogs for the guest posting

-Finding unique ideas for posts

-Get accepted from other publications

Before you consider to tackle down any of the above challenges you need to focus upon the quality of the content. If your article lacks the quality factor, then it may:

-Never get accepted by other publications

-Get published at free

-Attracts and readers or backlinks

-Pass the manual review phase

-Generate traffic

Both successes of the guest blogging and quality link generation begin with the quality content. Therefore, it should be your primary focus.

How to find articles for guest posting?

Searching for effective articles for the guest posting is a challenging task. As the entire process goes like: -

You write down the basic queries people search for.

•    You scrape Google for results of the queries you have prepared.

•    List down everything you know.

•    Remove the duplicate entries

•    Gather all the sources

Doing all these things can be time consuming and inconvenient but there is a solution to overcome this issue.

The solution

If you are running out of guest posting ideas, then you can use content explorer tools like Ahrefs’. Now, all you have to do is add the niche keyword and search for the blogs and articles in a similar niche.

Content explore allow you to further filter down the results according to your needs. If you are seeking unique ideas for your guest post, then you must explore one article per domain. However, if you are still facing any difficulties, then here are some of the tricks that might work for you.

The Robin Hood strategy

“Steal from the rich and give it to poor” but you don’t have to steal from anyone but to take inspirations from the rich. Here the term rich denote the “domains with higher domain rating (DR)”. Often blogs that have higher than 70 DR are considered rich. So, you can certainly take some inspiration from them. 

The hero posts

Sometimes you find a post that is just too good to let go. In such a situation, you can divide the post into sub-sections and further elaborate each section in a different post.

However, if the above task certainly looks time-consuming, then you can visit Qdexi Technology to hire digital marketing services in the USA at an affordable price. 
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