How To Fix HP Printer Problems” after Windows 10 Update – Printers have become a major part of everyone’s life due to their usability, everyone is using printers for scanning, printing, etc. Numerous printer manufacturing companies are providing printers but HP is the only authentic brand available in the market at the moment. Printers of HP are used worldwide and are appreciated for their printing services and efficiency.

Although the printers of HP are reliable, however, due to some external, internal reasons, or due to gradual wear and tear they show some common printers errors but if you are a victim of an error then don’t worry as Tech Support Expert is here to help you out with this problem. If you are facing an error and don’t know how to fix HP Printer not working error after Windows 10 Update then we will talk about the same in this blog.

How to Fix Hp Printer not working error after Windows 10 Update?

So if you are frustrated or annoyed by this little error then you don’t need to be annoyed. The highly-trained and expert team of Tech Support Expert will guide you with some precise steps of Fixing the HP Printer not working error after the Windows 10 Update. Therefore, if you were also looking for the precise steps then your search is over, and it’s time to fix this error with your own. Let’s dive deep to know the accurate steps to fix Hp Printer not working error after Windows 10 Update.

Methods to fix HP Printer in an error state in Windows 10

Before delivering deep into precise steps to fix this error let’s know this error manifests, these errors mostly occur when you have updated your windows to Windows 10 while still connected to the printer, then when you updated your windows there are some compatibility issues of the printer and new windows and sometimes the printer driver is corrupted or when the printer is jammed and also when printer cover is jammed or not connected properly. But don’t worry, we are here to assist with a simple solution in the easiest steps so that your printer can work again.

Step 1:- Run Troubleshooter

Check the power supply of your printer to see if the device is plugged in properly. Check the USB cable for wired printers and wireless connection for wireless printers.

If the above step does not work, then download and run the printer troubleshooter

If the problem still exists, then right-click on the Start button and click on Device Manager. After selecting click on Expand Drivers and find your printer in that list, when you find your printer name right-click on it and then choose the Update Driver

Step 2:- Choose “Use Printer Online” Mode Option

Go on your keyboard and click on Windows + X, then go to Control Panel and then click on Devices and printers.

Then you will see Printer. Click on it.

If the “Printer is offline”, then it shows Offline Message status. When you turn it online check the status it will show Ready.

Check if it shows HP Printer is offline, you can set it to Online.

After that right-click on Printer and then choose Use Printer Online

Then display should change to Ready when the printer is set to online.

Step 3:- Reinstall the printer driver

Now open the Control Panel > select View By Large icon

Then click on Devices and Printers

After that right-click on your printer > select Remove device

After removing the device then confirm the device removal and restart your computer

After you restart the PC, it should automatically detect and install your printer, if not unplug it and plug it back in again.

I hope after performing all the above steps you can resolve the issue and you have a smooth experience with your printer. If you are still facing printer-related issues and think “How To Diagnose Hp Printer Problems” dial us on our customer care number.