United States solid waste management vehicle market are anticipated to show a robust growth in the upcoming five years, 2022-2027. The market growth can be attributed to the rising demand of management of solid waste generated in the country. Moreover, the government funded awareness drives and schemes have created enough concerns among the general population about the rapidly degrading environmental health. The concerns are driving the surge in the demand of vehicles that can easily and comfortably transport the waste from each nook and corner of the country to the degradation sites where proper waste management process can be carried out. Daily generation of the solid waste is too high in the country. According to EPA, a common American in a day can produce about 5.5 to 6 pounds of trash. Environmental Protection Agency of United States (US EPA) is the governing body that handles and regulates the solid waste management in all the states. EPA promotes and encourages the processes of solid waste management by source reduction, recycling, composting, landfills, energy recovery from waste, and managing the transfer stations.

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Furthermore, increasing population and rising municipal solid waste generation, the US government is spending substantial amounts to ensure the effective and efficient working of waste-water treatment and solid waste management plants. For, the proper transportations, garbage collection trucks and other vehicles are essential, which also supports the proper functioning of the waste management process. These factors are highly anticipated to support the growth of the United States solid waste management vehicle market in the upcoming five years.