In this post, we have explained the process of setting up a Canon wired and wireless printer on Windows and Mac devices. To set up a printer, it is important to install the latest drivers. However, it is important that you know the model number of your printer so that you can find the latest Canon IJ setup drivers. You need to have a router or modem in your home to make this connection and the access points should work fine too. You must have a device with an internet connection to set up this Canon ij on a computer or smartphone.

Canon is known for its versatile all-in-one printers. These printers are fun to use and very reliable. They offer a wide range of features that distinguish them from other printers. Canon has designed cloud-ready printers that allow you to connect to your cloud storage and print files efficiently. Canon printers come with multifunctional peripherals that enhance productivity. You can proactively monitor printer functions using various printer management programs designed for computers. Some of these programs are canon com/ijsetup, Canon IJ Scan Utility, Canon Printer Utility, Canon IJ Network Tool, Canon Network Scanner Selector EX, etc. Read on to learn about the cool features of these tools and software.

Explained procedure to download the printer driver by starting

For the ij.start.cannon setting, please download the software by following the given illustrative procedure.

The first step is to advance to the starting canyon. This is Canon's official website and a secure platform from where you can download Canon printer drivers. So to get started, open up a compatible and extremely protected web browser. Type ij.start.Canon correctly in the address bar and pressing the Enter key will instantly take you to the Canon home page.

To begin the printer driver download process, click the Settings tab and the Product Name window will be visible on your screen. Since Canon recommends different software for your particular printer model, you must specify your model number by entering it in the search field. Click the Go button and the product download window will appear on your screen.

To confirm that the driver you are downloading is compatible with your operating system, you must choose between different versions of the operating system. So, go to the operating system field in the upper right corner and select an appropriate operating system. You will see the Download button in the middle of the screen, click on it for a quick and fast download.

Depending on the speed of your Wifi, the driver will download in just a few minutes. Also, it is suggested not to switch between different screens as it may create problems when downloading the software. When the download process is complete, proceed to the next stage of ij. start.cannon settings.

Setting up a Canon inkjet printer - ij.start cannon

Follow the most used and simple steps to start setting up your Canon ij printer, check below;

At first, open your systems like a PC or laptop.

Second, connect your Canon inkjet printer to the system via cable or wirelessly (if you have a Canon wireless device)

Third, launch a web browser (default or any other) and enter or https // ij start cannon in the address search bar.

Hit Enter and wait for the Canon website to open showing you the different steps.

Click the Configure icon and wait for a new window to appear to request a model number.

Enter your Canon model number, press Enter, and install the settings.

Step-by-step guidelines for installing the printer driver

Here is the concise, detailed, and complete printer driver installation procedure for setup:

If you haven't customized the file location, you just need to go to the Downloads folder to run the downloaded file. Double-click the installation files for http // and click Run to quickly extract the files.

The main Canon driver setup interface will appear on your screen. Before proceeding to the next page, check the language in which you will use the software to control the printer. So to edit it, click on the Language tab and it will show all the available options. Select the language that you can recognize well and then click Next on the main screen.

Now, you need to set up a connection between your printer and your computer. For that, you can opt for a USB connection or a wireless connection method. When the printer is successfully paired, simply select your printer. Depending on your printer model, it will display the driver and other additional software lists.

Activate the desired checkboxes of the software package. Also, you must have enough space to download the printer driver. If your computer does not have enough space, uninstall some of the unwanted programs from your system. Now, tap on the Next button and go ahead to configure

The license agreement window will appear on your screen. You should read all the statements provided in the document to avoid future problems. To accept the License Agreement, you must select the Yes option. This will immediately start the installation of the selected driver and additional software.

After the driver setup is complete, you can test the operation of your printer by printing a page. To do this, the printer tray must hold a few A4-size pages. Then click the Run button and your printer will quickly print a page. This concludes the controller configuration using ij start cannon.


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