is a website that provides you with a safe and reliable platform to download the driver. To print directly from your computer, you need to install the driver on your system. After the driver settings are done, you can use the software to control and instruct your printer to print the documents you want. Therefore, the website allows all Canon printer users to configure the driver on their devices without paying any additional cost. All you need to do is visit and install the most suitable driver for your specific printer. In addition, the website also contains online manuals for all Canon printer specifications. Therefore, you can review all the details about your printer whenever you need. This guide will provide you with quick, descriptive procedures by following which you can easily configure the controller on your system.

Important Factors to Recognize Before Accessing

To access the website, ie canon com/ijsetup, the internet speed must be of high quality and effective. In addition, the Wifi signal must be quite stable to avoid unnecessary interruptions or breakdowns in all the settings.

It is advisable to have a fast and secure web browser that must comply with your Windows or Mac operating system. Also, if your preferred browser is an older version, be sure to update it before starting the website.

It is important that your device has enough space to install the driver. Otherwise, uninstall some unwanted programs that you no longer use to make space on your system.

In addition, you must unpack all the components of your Canon printer, properly load the ink cartridges, and turn on the printer before starting

Also, it is suggested to link your printer with the router via wireless or wired method before downloading the driver. Make sure the network status on your printer shows Connected.

Clear and described the process for driver download

Follow the step-by-step procedure to download the driver from


Start the download process by running a pre-installed web browser on your system. Then type in the address bar and hit the Enter key to effortlessly launch the driver setup page.

You will arrive at the Canon welcome window. Here, you will see the Settings tab on the right side of the page. Just click on the Settings tab and the Product Selection window will appear on your screen in just a few seconds.

Here, you will see a First Letters and Product Name segment. Based on the first letters of your product model, find and select the letter combination from the available options. A list of all printer names beginning with those particular letters will quickly appear on your screen.

Therefore, select the model number of your personal printer and you may see the "Select your region" window. Choose the correct region and if you can't find your specific region, you need to click Other. For, continue to the next step.

The Canon Printer Driver Download window will automatically appear on your screen. First, you must validate that the same operating system on which you want to download the driver is selected. If necessary, make the operating system changes by selecting your preferred option.

Finally, click the Download button and the installation file will start downloading. Keep waiting until the driver is downloaded to your system.



After downloading the Canon printer setup file, you need to install it and start working. Installation is the final and crucial stage of setup. Each step of the process needs to be carefully followed so that the process is error-free.


Once the download is complete, you need to access the file and start it.

Now the pop-up window will appear to request your permission. After allowing the application, the installer will run on your system.

As you proceed from the welcome window, you will see options on the screen to establish a link between your system and the printer. Choosing the preferred method and following the instructions on the screen will help you establish a connection.

After connecting, make a selection for your printer from the list of available options.

Later in the process, you need to select the canon software you want to install by hitting its individual checkboxes.

There are a few more functions you need to perform, such as reading the license agreement, running the test print, and more. Complete the required functions and complete the driver installation process


Printing is the basic function that printers are designed for. Printing images and other documents requires expert guidance. The following are the instructions provided for the same. The information provided will help you to print with your Canon printer quickly and conveniently. Make sure you have downloaded the printer driver from “canon .com/ijsetup” and installed it on your system.