In this post, we have explained the process of setting up a Canon wired and wireless printer on Windows and Mac devices. To set up a printer, it is important to install the latest drivers. However, it is important that you know the model number of your printer so that you can find the latest Canon IJ setup drivers. You need to have a router or modem in your home to make this connection and the access points should work fine too. You must have a device with an internet connection to set up this Canon ij on a computer or smartphone.

Many printer brands make different printers ranging from the smallest to the largest in today's age. Therefore, among the various printer brands, Canon is also among them. Canon printers are on the list of well-known and popular printer brands. Also, they are known for providing high-quality printed documents. But to take advantage of a Canon printer, it is mandatory to configure the printer from the official website, ie "ij start canon". In addition to this, Canon manufactures printers for home and office use. If you are looking for a robust and reliable printing machine, you prefer to use Canon printers.

Canon printers are ideal for home and office use because they offer multiple advanced and latest printing features. Therefore, with Canon printers, users can quickly obtain high-quality printed documents easily and directly. Also, Canon printers are valuable because they offer various connectivity options like Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, and your app.

Whether you are looking for a printing machine for your home or workplace, Canon printers are best suited to meet user requirements. Canon printers are available in a wide range; Thus, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. With the help of Canon printers, you can enjoy fast, high-quality printing performance at a low cost.


Canon printers make sure to deliver exceptional results to their users and provide them with a great printing experience in their homes or workplace. Therefore, to enjoy the premium and high-quality printing functions of Canon printers, users are suggested to follow the setup procedure through " setup".

All Canon multifunction printers are designed to meet the needs of the home and workplace. In addition, all Canon printers are compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. Along with this, Canon printers are specially designed for better, faster, and high-quality document printing. With the help of Canon printers, the user can easily carry out their printing task quickly and conveniently.

Setting up a Canon inkjet printer - ij.start.cannon

Follow the most used and simple steps to start setting up your Canon ij printer, check below;

At first, open your systems like a PC or laptop.

Second, connect your Canon inkjet printer to the system via cable or wirelessly (if you have a Canon wireless device)

Third, launch a web browser (default or any other) and enter ij.start.cannon in the address search bar.

Hit Enter and wait for the Canon website to open showing you different steps.

Click the Configure icon and wait for a new window to appear to request a model number.

Enter your Canon model number, press Enter, and install the settings.

Windows 10 IJ Scan Utility

The scan utility is installed together with the printer driver. If the software does not download, follow the steps below. Open the manufacturer's site and enter the printer model. Choose your operating system and the correct version from the drop-down menu. Click the Software option and select the Canon IJ Scan Utility software. Select Download. The file will automatically save to a location on your computer. If you are a Windows 10 user, the file will be saved with the extension .exe. Double click on the file to start the installation. Once the software is installed, click on the Start menu and select the All Applications option. Go to the Canon utility section and select IJ Scan Utility. Place the document/photo you want to scan on the platen glass. Click the Settings icon to make changes to the scan settings. Select the Document or Photo icon depending on what you have loaded on the platen glass. The document/photo will be scanned and sent to your folder. Contact us for more information on IJ Canon Start.


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