If you are a user having trouble connecting your Canon pro 100 printers to WiFi then we have found a solution for you. There are certain access points on your router that have an automatically connect button called WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).

Of all the available methods to connect the Canon Pro 100 printer to WiFi, this is the easiest method. So if there is a WPS button on your access point, then you must use the WPS connection method. In case your router does not have WPS settings, you can Canon Pixma pro-100 Wireless setup using the standard connection method.

If you recently purchased the Canon Pixma Pro-100 and want to start printing right away but have no idea how to set it up, we are here to help and you have nothing to worry about.

Wi-Fi configuration and driver installation process

First of all, remove all surrounding content from your Canon Pixma Pro-100

Now link to a printer "Power Source". Turn on the printer then to keep the "Light and steady power lamp".

First, the ink cartridges must be assembled correctly.

Then change the “paper tray” and carefully fill it with A4-size cut sheets.

Wi-Fi settings will be entered until the printer is configured. This means that a network access point or wireless router is designed for Wi-Fi.

Click and hold the "WiFi" button in the "Control Panel" of the Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer. It is the highest you will find. You should keep it until the warning light flashes once.

Now, wait for the blue "WiFi Lamp" to flash. Next, move closer to your modem, that is, your point of entry. Click the WPS button for 2 minutes later.

Therefore, the “Wi-Fi lamp (blue)” would start to blink on the printer during the search. Then when linked to the entry point, both the power lamp and the Wi-Fi lamp glow.

The "Wi-Fi and Power Lamp" would cease and begin to blink. This occurs when the printer and the router have been successfully paired.

After that, the printer "Network Settings" should be "Test Print" to make sure the printer has been installed correctly. Make sure to fill your "Paper Tray" correctly with normal size A4 sheets. Click and hold the "Cancel / Resume" button until the warning light comes on 15 times. Release it later. Then the "Network Configuration Page" is printed. Here all the details should be marked. "Active" should be the "connection" status. Your wireless Internet network SSID - Service Set Identifier (name of your wireless network) must provide the correct name.

The WPS configuration is ready. Now update your computer software/drivers so that you can turn on the printer. You can download the drivers from the Canon website or use the installation CD.

Now insert the CD into the machine's CD drive to mount it. The canon pro 100 wireless network setup wizard opens immediately. Follow the "Settings" link for the printer link "Driver Download" for Canon Pixma Pro-100. Then hit the link and finish the download process. Then find and double-click the downloaded file to open the installer.

The downloaded drivers on your machine should now be installed. As the installation process depends on the operating system of your machine. Follow the protocol according to the operating system.

Windows installation

Double click the downloaded file to access the installer.

The window will show as Access to a user account, press "Yes".

Then the "canon Pixma pro-100 wireless setup" begins. Click here on the "Next" button.

In the next browser, you will be asked "Select your place of residence". Then choose the correct alternative. Touch "Next", then.

The "License Agreement" will come in the next space. Read the details carefully and press "Yes" to commit to them.

The expanded survey software is now available. You can choose between two options. You can agree or disagree. Select the correct set. You will see here that Canon would have access to some details entered into your printer if you authorize it. The knowledge is collected and transmitted to Canon via the Internet through your computer. Canon uses this knowledge to create and sell its products while keeping details private.

The firewall settings are shown on the next screen. Make sure to choose the "Disable lock" alternative. Touch "Soon" below.

You will validate your "Connection method" through the following browser. Therefore, choose the alternative "Use wireless LAN printer". To start the Canon Pixma Pro-100 setup process, click "Next".

You will then be asked to activate the printer. Make sure a sufficiently bright and reliable "power lamp" is added to the printer.

Select "OK" and then.

Next, it will search for a network printer for Canon Pixma Pro-100. After it detects the printer. Then the implementation process continues. You must then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the operation. However, if the printer cannot be identified, it will be indicated to the printer in the next window. Click "Next" to continue using a different process. Now if the printer is connected to the network properly. However, the PC cannot detect it. Make sure the machine is connected to the same network of printers. Also, all firewalls/antivirus on your computer should be temporarily disabled. Click on the "Redetect" tab.

On the contrary, if you click "Next" due to problems related to the last step. Therefore, you can connect the printer via USB cable to the device in the next panel. For a complete guide to linking, click the "Instructions" tab here.

Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the installation process until the machine recognizes the printer.


These were some simple steps for canon pro-100 wireless setup easily. If you couldn't set it up, don't worry. All you need to do is contact us and we will serve you in the best possible way.