Force tractors are made by Pune, India-based Force Motors. In India, a force tractor price is  between Rs. 3.40 and Rs. 8.10 lakhs. A variety of tractor models with engines ranging from 27 HP to 51 HP are available in India from Force Tractor. Strong features and exceptional performance are two of Force Motors' best-known tractor models, the Orchard Mini and Orchard Deluxe. 

Force Motors is a top manufacturer of buses, light and heavy commercial vehicles, cross-country and multi-utility vehicles, three-wheelers, and force tractors in addition to force tractors. Force tractors offer more features, efficiency, and mileage for agricultural use. India's most popular force tractors in 2023 will be the Force Sanman 5000, Force Orchard miniI, Force Balwan 500, and other models.