Performing well in exams depends on a lot of aspects such as the student’s preparedness for the exams, mental state, health and most importantly stress levels. However prepared the student may be, stress would adversely affect their performance. Read on to learn top tips that can help you stay stress free during exams.

Gearing up for exams could be a tough task in itself. If you are preparing for your exams (SATs, regular exams or any other competitive exam), it is very important that you stay stress free and relaxed. Not only will this help you prepare better, during exams, this will ensure that you get to apply whatever you’ve learnt to answer better and thus score better grades. Learning to calm your mind and relieve stress can do wonders for your confidence and focus levels while appearing for an exam. Read on to learn the top tips that reputed teachers and online tutors recommend for staying stress free during exams.