The Aeon SWTOR Mastery Guide is currently the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide I have come across. This comprehensive game strategy guide is written by professional gamers who really know what they're talking about and want to bring their extensive knowledge of the Old Republic together in a detailed, easy-to-read strategy guide. I made a great effort.

Of course, the ion guide includes a leveling guide for swtor credits. Detailed steps and detailed walkthroughs for all missions in the game are not available yet, but may be added soon. Rather, for now, there are various class strategies and skill tree builds designed to make leveling up as easy as possible for players. In fact, these builds and similar builds have proven to be very effective while experiencing the game, so we can guarantee it. This is certainly useful if you don't know how to create a character to level up.

Of course, this guide covers both factions and all advanced classes. Aeon also includes very well thought out PvE and PvP builds, designed to help deal the most damage in warzones or hotspots. The internal equipment and breakdown guides can also help you understand what attributes to look for in a particular class. Also, the number of players making the same mistakes over and over again is unbelievable. Do not be one of them! Aeon's SWTOR Strategy Guide also includes helpful tanking and healing tutorials to help you understand proper skill rotation and maximize effectiveness. Also, some of the content comes with helpful screenshots and videos, but not all of the guides.

Overall, the Aeon SWTOR Guide is currently the best guide you can get. Lots of content and it's all very useful and will help you get a solid idea of ??what you're doing with SW:TOR and stay ahead of the competition.

MMORPGs are rarely released without the support of Killerguide. They have dozens of guides for different games, which only cements their position as one of the best and most experienced guide writers out there. Star Wars: For TOR, we've actually published almost 20 different guides. Most are related to different and advanced classes, some are related to credits and crew skills. But most importantly, they have a complete strategy guide, including a leveling guide of course.

If you're really planning on playing SWTOR, you can speed up the process significantly by having a leveling guide to help you through the process. Unfortunately, the Killerguides leveling guides are not a step by step guide with detailed information on all the missions in the game, but rather a collection of very useful tips, tricks and strategies to speed up leveling regardless of the selected class.

If you need a class-specific leveling guide, check out the other guides provided by Killerguides, especially those that describe each class. However, this strategy guide is still very useful and we recommend that you get it with your favorite class guide. Other content covers crew skills (professions and trades), hotspots (dungeons and instances), PvP combat, starship tactics, gear, and more. You can find a full list of content on their website suggesting you visit.