It would be right to describe the human body as a complex system of cells. Hormone messengers help them communicate. What do these messengers do? They tell cells how to act and when to act. Androgenic sex hormones are vital for good health and fertility in men. High or low amounts can bring about various complaints.


Estrogenic compoundspresent in the environment are affecting men’s health. Their sources are plastics, pesticides, and scums of estrogenic drugs. It’s proved that they feminize fish and different species to the extent of rendering them infertile and threatening their existence. Continuing researches on humansthrough generations reveal a decrease in sperm count.


The bowels and liver are vital organs for the proper health of men. The reason is that they process hormones and excrete processed hormones. Bowel and liver detoxification will decrease some health concerns of men. The reason is they ensure that these organs function well and can process estrogenic compounds.


Stress causes acidosis, which compromises the body’s detoxification processes. Moreover, stress lessens vitamins, including the B complex, which the liver needs to function.

Some other conditions that can comprise men’s health are Hypertension, Arteriosclerosis, Impotence, Infertility, prostrate problems including BPH, etc.

This full-spectrum multiple vitamin supplement is for men under 40 years.


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Estrogen levels aren’t just a concern for men. They are also a concern for ladies. More and more women are experiencing conditions like PMS, painful periods, a history of fibroids, and endometriosis. These are generally associated with an extreme estrogen: progesterone ratio.

The liver is responsible for breaking down excess estrogens. However, this could get difficult when pollutants burden the body.


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I3C, D-glucarate, and liver support herbs in Estrosense help optimize women's capacityfor breaking down and cleansing estrogen analogs. This all-natural formula for women balances hormones and defends the body from Free Radicals.


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