You open the packet of the ground spices you bright recently and smell the fresh aroma of the spice. When you add these fresh ground spices during cooking the flavors are different and give a mouth-watering taste. In olden times whole spices were grounded at home, using manual devices like mortar & pestles and hand grinders. The result was aromatic but the process was tedious and time-consuming. With time, this trend continued while the devices changed. They were ground in mixer grinders that ran on electricity. Today we buy these spices readymade from shops or online shopping platforms.

 9 ground spices to make food tasty


Ground spices have a long list, we are listing down a few with their properties. Ground spices are now directly bought from a ground spices manufacturer India through various online platforms.

1.      Turmeric powder

One of the most popular spices around the world is turmeric. This bright yellow powder is known to give bright color and add enzymes to food that make it tasty and healthy. Turmeric comes in form of roots which are ground to make powder. It is not just used in cooking but used in traditional functions as well as religious ceremonies.

2.      Red chili powder

This powder comes in shades of bright orange to dark red, it depends on the chili. It has types like Kashmiri chili powder which is used more for its dark red color than hot taste. The other type of chili powder gives a hot taste to food, making it spicy.

3.      Coriander powder

This warm spice powder is used for its earthen taste and color-enhancing property. As it is green, it gives a distinct color when added with turmeric and chili powder. It also adds balance to the hot taste of chili.

4.      White pepper powder

This powder is a subtle counterpart of black pepper powder which is very hot. The color is not white but the lightest brown. it is mostly used as a condiment in dishes like soups, and bread. It is also full of healing properties but should be used in a limited amount.

5.      Dry Mango powder

This ground spice is made from dried raw mango and is tangy to taste. It gives a unique taste to the food it is added.  It is especially good to use in dry-cooked items. It should not be cooked for long or it loses its sour taste, hence added at the last.

6.      Cinnamon powder

Made out of the bark of cinnamon, it has a sweet, earthen smell. It is used in many dishes including sweets. It is also used in baking for its flavor and aroma.

7.      Green Cardamom powder

Green cardamom has a green shell and black seeds. It has a great aroma and is used in various dishes of all tastes. Cardamom tea is very popular as well.

8.      Dry ginger powder

This ground spice is sharp to taste. It has a more intense flavor than ginger root and is made to store ginger in dry form.

9.      Dehydrated garlic

Dehydrated garlic powder is used in various dishes. Its pungency gives a distinct taste but too much of it makes the taste bitter.

Check the freshness of the Spices


Whether spices were bought or grounded at home, they should be fresh to be used for cooking. If the Spices are not fresh, they will not only give bad taste and flavors but also may prove as a health hazard. Let's check out the ways to check if the spices are good to use.

?       Smell the aroma?       Look for clumps?       Feel the dryness?       Look for parasitesConclusion

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