Indian masalas are world-famous and are a blend of the various spice mix. They help provide a unique flavor to the dishes, along with an authentic aroma. The Hindi word masala stands for 'blend of spices, and they can be prepared by mixing 2-3 spices or even dozens.

Most often, Indian masala can be characterized by blended spices and may contain a base of cardamom, cumin, red chilli powder, and black pepper. Many chefs like to use more aromatic spices like cinnamon, and star anise adds a pinch of sweetness to the masala. If you want to have a genuine masala, try garam masala manufacturers in India like VLC spices, and enjoy that authentic masala taste.

Red Chilli Powder Manufacturers in India

Red chilli powder is one of the most used Indian spices and is a significant ingredient in most dishes all over the world. Its bright red color, hot flavor, and aroma can enhance the look and the taste of any dish. Widely used in a number of recipes, it has a huge demand, and almost all masala manufacturers in India offer red chilli powder in various packaging.

Red chilli powder is amongst one of the four main Indian spices. VLC spices use raw chilies from selected grades and authentic sources, thus helping maintain a consistent hotness level. VLC offers chilli powder in customized packaging ensuring thorough cleaning, grinding, and blending. VLC undergoes a low temperature grinding technology to ensure minimum losses of moisture and color value retention. Moreover, the blending process helps make a homogeneous mixture of two or more chilli grades to provide a high-value red chilli powder.

Why Buy Red Chilli Powder from VLC Spices?

VLC is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, exporting a variety of Indian spices all over the world. Some of our reasons for choosing VLC include:

·         Whole red chilli is ground, blended, and packed at our in-house facility, ensuring all food packaging norms.

·         We don’t use any additive flavor or color enhancer and offer chilli powder in its most original form.

·         Our chilli powder contains no preservatives and can retain its freshness over an extended period of time when properly stored.

·         Chilli powder is naturally dried and so offers a longer shelf life.

Health Benefits of Indian Masala                                    

Besides providing flavor and color to the recipes, Indian spices are also known for their health benefits. For ages, Indians have been using various spices to treat multiple ailments, including digestion, and to help boost metabolism. For example, nursing mothers give their children a masala of carom and cumin seeds to prevent gas problems while breastfeeding. Similarly, black pepper is known to help with coughs and the common cold, while Turmeric is used to boost the immune system.

Although there are no scientific studies that prove Indian masala has health benefits. Still, these are recognized as good sources of antioxidants that can help our overall health and wellbeing. Some of the Indian spices protect cells from free radicals and can play a role in treating heart disease and even cancers.

Some of the Most Common Indian Spices

While there are several spices used in Indian masala, some of the most common are:

·         Garam Masala

·         Coriander

·         Cardamom

·         Cumin

·         Turmeric

·         Red Chilli Powder

·         Black Pepper, and an exhausting list.

Indian garam masala is considered as a spice as it can be used in various dishes and masalas, like chaat masala, sambhar masala, biryani masala, etc.


Indian spices are a core part of Indian cuisine. They have been in use for centuries to add flavor and color to various dishes, along with being used as traditional medicines. Order today with VLC Spices and savor yourself in the rich taste of Indian spices.