There are several Indian spices that produce their real aroma revealing their true flavor when freshly ground. These fresh ground spices provide a more robust flavor to your dish. Most of the chefs believe that freshly ground spice delivers a pop of flavor that can wake up your taste buds.

However, it may not be a practical approach to use fresh ground spices in every recipe, but they certainly can make an ordinary dish into an unforgettable one. If you know the culinary delight of freshly ground spices, try toasting them before grinding to help you provide a deeper level of flavor.

Garam Masala Manufacturers in India

One of the most common Indian spices used in ground form is garam masala. This spice blend is an essential staple of all kitchens all over the world. Cooking with garam masala powder is a great way to elevate the profile of your dish. Chefs use garam masala powder when they want their dish to be aromatic with a light earthy flavor while ensuring that the flavor is not as strong as the garam masala powder.

Here we need to understand the difference between garam masala powder and curry masala. While both are popular spice blends, curry powder is always used as a powder, while some garam masala spices can be added as a whole. Curry powder imparts the main flavor to a dish, while garam masala is a flavor enhancer spice.

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Cumin Powder Manufacturers in India

Cumin imparts an earthy, smoky, and delicious flavor to a dish. It is often used in two different forms, whole seeds, and ground form known as cumin powder. In the Indian style of cooking, whole cumin seeds are added to the oil, known as ‘Tadka’, to bring out the complex flavor and aroma of the spice. While cumin powder is usually added at the finishing stage. Cumin powder plays an important role in a recipe and can’t be substituted with any other spice.

Ground cumin is made by grinding dry roasted cumin seeds. This powder can be added at any time as its flavor does not need heat or time to be released. It is important to understand that ground cumin gradually loses its flavor over time and needs to be replaced regularly, or should be kept in good air-tight containers away from the sunlight. You can also keep them in the freezer to maintain their flavor for a longer time.

Cumin powder also has many health benefits. It helps in digestion as it stimulates many digestive enzymes. It also aids in weight loss by increasing the metabolism rate of the human body. Cumin powder is also known for controlling diabetes and also reduces the risk of falling ill.

Exotic World of Indian Spice                           

India is the land of spices producing a variety of fresh and dried herbs and spices. Spices play a critical role in the way we cook. These aromatic spices are used in our daily cooking to provide aroma, flavor, and color while enhancing the taste of a dish. Besides providing a great taste, these spices are also known for their health benefits.

However, not all spice manufacturers in India are the same. It can be difficult to find a spice of your choice with that authentic aroma and flavor you are looking for. Thanks to VLC Spice Company, who is providing spices in their original form making our lives spicy, and tasteful.