VLC Spice Company has been known for its service in catering to large food distributors, restaurant chains, and other commercial companies in the food trade since its inception. We offer a comprehensive bouquet of services for our discreet buyers for custom seasoning blends, made-to-order spice blending, fresh ground spices, and much more.

As a renowned masala manufacturer in India, VLC Spices ensure quality, flavor, and freshness as our material procuring starts from the correct origin. We maintain trustworthy standards with the industry's finest authentic ingredients maintaining an end-to-end supply chain of unmatched products.

A-Z Fresh Ground Spices and Whole Spices

We offer an unexhausted list of spices as crushed, ground, blended and whole. Keeping up with the old traditions of the spice trade, we maintain the highest modern standards while packing the spices. Our expert team is capable of developing innovative blends as per our customer’s needs and can bring your vision to life. Offering individual spices to custom blends, you can expect all types of bulk and retail packaging from VLC Spice Company.

Custom Spice Blend Manufacturers        

VLC is committed to providing the highest quality and most flavorful spices and can help meet your specific needs. Our capabilities include:

·         Custom Blending: Our expert team of master blenders can create a unique blend to help stand you apart from the traditional market of spices. Our blends are sourced from the finest ingredients, maintaining the highest standards during product development. While we hold old traditions, we don't forget to adapt to new practices to manufacture the exact spice that can make your brand stand out from the masses. Our manufacturing team holds the specialization of identifying the precise spice to help your blend stand out in the competitive market of spices.

·         Private Labeling: We can help you establish your own brand in the food market. Total service solution from VLC offers a complete lifecycle from product development to label design and custom packaging as per your requirement and the market demands. Our air-tight packaging ensures freshness and an authentic taste till the end of the product delivery. Whether you are looking to sell to restaurants or at supermarkets, we offer private labeling solutions in a variety of packaging options to meet your specific need.

·         Retail and Wholesale: The motto of VLC is flavor, no matter what the quantity is. All our range of spices is crafted in the same manner, whether it is an industrial batch or a smaller one. We manufacture spice for national and regional food chains and large independent operators dealing in the food industry. Our R&D team goes through a unique flavor profile and keeps on finding innovative ways to keep the spice fresh for a longer time. The extended shelf life provides our customers with an added advantage over the competitors in the food market.

·         Export: VLC is a proud holder of a state-of-the-art warehouse along with world-class production facilities. Our close-to-port warehouse facilitates easy shipping operations of the final product all over the world. Our supply chain is capable of handling orders in almost all quantities and helps save your valuable time and money. We can handle any complications for the demands and can deliver them whenever and wherever you need them.  

VLC Spice Company

VLC offers the highest quality of spices along with custom spice and seasoning blends and gravy mixes as per our customer's demands. We have a wide variety of packaging options available to suit the unique needs of our customers. The signature seasoning and custom private labeling solutions help our customers establish their own brand in the spice market all over the world. We safeguard all blends suggested by our customers and treat them as their property.