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Skills Outline of Cisco 200-201 Exam

Cisco has divided the syllabus of the 200-201 exam into various sections. Each of them evaluates the applicants’ knowledge and ability to perform a range of technical tasks. The detailed skills outline is mentioned below:

Security Monitoring (25%)

Within this second subject area, the individuals taking the 200-201 exam need to demonstrate that they possess the abilities to compare attack surface and vulnerability, identify the certificate components in a specific scenario, describe the impact of the certificates on security (includes asymmetric/symmetric, private/public crossing the network, and PKI). The potential candidates should be able to describe the obfuscation and evasion techniques, such as proxies, encryption, and tunneling as well as describe endpoint-based attacks, involving malware, ransomware, command and control, and buffer overflows. If you are also knowledgeable of how to describe the social engineering attacks and web application attacks, such as cross-site scripting, and command injections, you will succeed. Knowing the SQL injection and cross-site scripting, being able to describe network attacks, such as man-in-the-middle, distributed denial of service, denial of service, and protocol-based, are the skills you should possess. You must also know howto describe the use of various data types in monitoring security, which includes full packet capture, alert data, metadata, statistical data, transaction data, and session data.

Security Concepts (20%)

This is the first domain of the Cisco 200-201 exam that you need to learn. Within this first topic, the students need to show their ability and knowledge of describing the CIA triad, principles of a defense-in-depth strategy, and security terms as well as comparing security deployments, security concepts, and access control models. You should also have the relevant skills in identifying the challenges of data visibility (Cloud, host, and network), comparing the rule-based detection vs. statistical and behavioral detection, and interpreting the 5-tuple approach in order to isolate any compromised host in a given group set of logs. The evaluation process also includes the measurement of your knowledge of the identification of potential data loss from the provided traffic profiles. This part also covers the description of terms as defined in CVSS, including attack vector, scope, user interaction, privileges required, and attack complexity. It also includes role-based access control, time-based access control, rule-based access control, authentication, accounting, and authorization. It is important to know about non-discretionary access control, mandatory access control, discretionary access control, threat intelligence platform (TIP), threat intelligence (TI), malware analysis, reverse engineering, and threat hunting as well. Your knowledge of legacy antivirus and antimalware, run book automation (RBA), and sliding window anomaly detection will also help you answer the questions.

Security Policies and Procedures (15%)

This last part is all about the description of the management concepts and elements in the incident response plan as specified in NIST.SP800-601 as well as mapping the organization stakeholders against any NIST IR categories and applying the incident handling process to an event.

Host-Based Analysis (20%)

This section includes interpreting an application, operating system, or command line logs in order to identify events, comparing tempered and untampered disk image, and interpreting the output report of the malware analysis tool such as denotation chamber or sandbox. Describing the role of attribution in any investigation, identifying the types of evidence used depending on the provided log, and identifying the components of a given operating system such as Linux and Windows in a given scenario are the skills you need to have. They also include your ability to describe the functionality of a wide range of endpoint technologies in respect to security monitoring.

Network Intrusion Analysis (20%)

This objective encompasses interpreting basic regular expressions, extracting files from a TCP stream from a Wireshark and PCAP file, and comparing the qualities of data acquired from traffic or taps monitoring and transactional data, especially in the analysis of network traffic. The test takers needs to have the skills in comparing inline traffic interrogation and traffic monitoring or taps, comparing deep pocket inspection with stateful firewall operation, as well as comparing impact vs. no impact for false positive, benign, and true negative. The ability to map the provided events in order to source technologies is also important.

Cisco Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Operations Fundamentals Sample Questions (Q202-Q207):

Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is reviewing a Cuckoo report of a file. What must the engineer interpret from the report?

A. The file will not execute its behavior in a sandbox environment to avoid detection.B. The file will appear legitimate by evading signature-based detection.C. The file will insert itself into an application and execute when the application is run.D. The file will monitor user activity and send the information to an outside source.

Answer: A

What is an example of social engineering attacks?

A. receiving an invitation to the department's weekly WebEx meetingB. receiving an email from human resources requesting a visit to their secure website to update contact informationC. receiving an unexpected email from an unknown person with an uncharacteristic attachment from someone in the same companyD. sending a verbal request to an administrator who knows how to change an account password

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

What does this output indicate?

A. FTP ports are open on the server.B. HTTPS ports are open on the server.C. Email ports are closed on the server.D. SMB ports are closed on the server.

Answer: C

Which two elements of the incident response process are stated in NIST SP 800-61 r2? (Choose two.)

A. post-incident activityB. risk assessmentC. vulnerability managementD. vulnerability scoringE. detection and analysis

Answer: A,E

Drag and drop the type of evidence from the left onto the description of that evidence on the right.



Graphical user interface, application Description automatically generated


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