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Understanding functional and technical aspects of AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

The following will be discussed in AMAZON AWS-CERTIFIED-DEVELOPER-ASSOCIATE exam dumps:

Understanding of the AWS shared duty modelAbility to utilize the AWS administration APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs to compose applicationsAbility to compose code utilizing AWS security best practices (e.g., not utilizing mystery and access keys in the code, rather utilizing IAM jobs)Deploy applications utilizing Elastic BeanstalkAbility to distinguish key highlights of AWS administrationsDeploy serverless applicationsOptimize application to best utilize AWS administrations and highlightsUnderstanding of center AWS administrations, uses, and essential AWS design best practicesTranslate practical necessities into application planProficiency composing code for serverless applicationsWrite code that can be observedAbility to utilize or associate with AWS administrationsConvey composed code in AWS utilizing existing CI/CD pipelines, cycles, and examplesMigrate existing application code to run on AWSImplement application validation, and approvalImplement application plan into application codeUnderstanding of utilization lifecycle the boardWhat is the duration, language, and format of AWS Certified Developer Associate ExamLanguage: EnglishPassing Score: 70%Length of Examination: 120 minutesNumber of Questions: 60Type of Questions: Single and Multiple Choice.Amazon AWS-Developer: AWS Certified Developer-Associate Exam Certified Professional salary

The estimated average salary AWS Certified Developer-Associate Professional is listed below:

Country wise:

India: 8581971 INRUnited State: 114148USDEngland: 87294 POUNDEurope: 97081 EURO

Position wise:

Developer - Associate: $120,000Solutions Architect - Professional: $140,000SysOps Administrator - Associate: $130,000Solutions Architect - Associate: $125,000DevOps Engineer - Professional: $135,000

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Amazon AWS Certified Developer - Associate Sample Questions (Q542-Q547):

A development team decides to adopt a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) process using AWS CodePipehne and AWS CodeCommit for a new application. However, management wants a person to review and approve the code before it is deployed to production
How can the development team add a manual approver to the CI/CD pipeline?

A. Add an approval action to the pipeline. Configure the approval action to publish to an Amazon SNS topic when approval is required. The pipeline execution will stop and wait for an approvalB. Use AWS SES to send an email to approvers when their action is required Develop a simple application that allows approvers to accept or reject a build Invoke an AWS Lambda function to advance the pipeline when a build is acceptedC. Add an approval step to CodeCommit Commits will not be saved until approved.D. If approved, add an approved tag when pushing changes to the CodeCommit repository. CodePipeiine will proceed to build and deploy approved commits without interruption

Answer: A

A company runs an application on AWS that needs to be accessed only by employees. Most employees work from the office, but others work remotely or travel.
How can the Security Engineer protect this workload so that only employees can access it?

A. Route all traffic to the workload through AWS WAF. Add each employee's home IP address into an AWS WAF rule, and block all other traffic.B. Add each employee's home IP address to the security group for the application so that only those users can access the workload.C. Use a VPN appliance from the AWS Marketplace for users to connect to, and restrict workload access to traffic from that appliance.D. Create a virtual gateway for VPN connectivity for each employee, and restrict access to the workload from within the VPC.

Answer: D

A Developer created a Lambda function for a web application backend. When testing the Lambda function from the AWS Lambda console, the Developer can see that the function is being executed, but there is no log data being generated in Amazon CloudWatch Logs, even after several minutes.
What could cause this situation?

A. The Lambda function is missing a target CloudWatch Log group.B. The execution role for the Lambda function is missing permissions to write log data to the CloudWatch Logs.C. The Lambda function does not have any explicit log statements for the log data to send it to CloudWatch Logs.D. The Lambda function is missing CloudWatch Logs as a source trigger to send log data.

Answer: B


A company has a two-tier application running on an Amazon EC2 server that handles all of its AWS based e-commerce activity During peak times, the backend servers that process orders are overloaded with requests.
This results in some orders failing to process. A developer needs to create a solution that will re-factor the application.
Which steps will allow for more flexibility during peak times, while still remaining cost-effective? (Select TWO.)

A. implement an Amazon SQS queue to decouple the front-end and backend serversB. Modify the backend servers to pull from an Amazon SQS queue.C. Increase the backend T2 EC2 instance sees to xl to handle the largest possible load throughout the yearD. Use an Amazon SNS queue to decouple the front-end and backend servers.E. Migrate the backend servers to on-premises and pull from an Amazon SNS queue

Answer: D,E

A Developer must repeatedly and consistently deploy a serverless RESTful API on AWS.
Which techniques will work? (Choose two.)

A. Define a Swagger file. Use AWS CodeDeploy to deploy the Swagger file.B. Define a Swagger file. Deploy a SAM template that references the Swagger file.C. Deploy a SAM template with an inline Swagger definition.D. Define a Swagger file. Use AWS Elastic Beanstalk to deploy the Swagger file.E. Define an inline Swagger definition in a Lambda function. Invoke the Lambda function.

Answer: B,E


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