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Certification Level

The Certified Supply Chain Professional or CSCP, is a professional-level certificate that assesses a candidate's knowledge and skills relating to the basic strategies, concepts, and technologies used in modern-day supply chain operations. This learning path is intended to give a broad understanding of supply management concepts to help your organization remain competitive in the ever-challenging business landscape. To attain this certification, you will have to pass one test, also known as the CSCP.

APICS CSCP Exam Syllabus Topics:TopicDetailsTopic 1Supply Chain Design Supply Chain Planning and ExecutionTopic 2Supply Chain Improvement and Best PracticesTopic 3Supply Chain Risk Management: An Emerging DisciplineTopic 4Supply Chain Logistics ManagementTopic 5Strategic Supply Chain Management: The Five Core Disciplines

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CSCP Exam Requirements

To be eligible for the CSCP exam from ASCM, candidates must have already fulfilled one of the following requirements:

Must have an active CFPIM, CPIM, SCOR-P, CPM, CSM, or CPSM certification.Have earned 3 years of business experience;Should have a Bachelor's degree or similar training of an international equivalent;APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Sample Questions (Q146-Q151):

Which of the following processes would a company use to evaluate the risk profile for end-of-life planning for a product family?

A. Distribution requirements planningB. Rough-cut capacity planningC. Sales and operations planningD. Production activity control

Answer: C

If there are 400 units available for sale and the relationship between demand and price can
beexpressed by the equation: Demand = 1000 - 0.5* Price which of the following revenuemanagement strategies will typically yield the greatest total revenue?

A. have a pricing strategy with as many tiers as there are market segments that are price ortime sensitiveB. have a two tier pricing strategyC. set price at a single valueD. have a three tier pricing strategy

Answer: A

Returning product containing hazardous material to the factory to be neutralized after its expiration date is an example of product:

A. refurbishing.B. remanufacturing.C. reuse.D. recovery.

Answer: D

Which of the following focuses on identifying key customers and developing relationshipswith those customers?


Answer: B

Which of the following criteria are important when establishing a warehouse distribution system?

A. Transportation costs and material handling costsB. Service level desired and local presenceC. Cost of the overall system and service level desiredD. Material and handling costs and proximity to customers

Answer: A

Section: Mixed questions
Explanation/Reference: https://courses.lumenlearning.com/wmopen-introbusiness/chapter/supply-chain-management-and- logistics-2/


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