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About the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Core Certificate

Cisco Specialist is a new certification track that aims to recognize IT professionals for their accomplishments before achieving the professional and expert levels. In other words, this is a new title that candidates will by acing even a single test that doesn't lead to any accreditation alone.

Career Opportunities

After completing the Cisco 350-901 exam and obtaining one of the relevant certifications, the individuals can explore vast employment opportunities. Some of the job roles that are available to the applicants holding the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certificate are the following: a Software Engineer, a Developer, a Senior Developer, an Applications Developer, an Automation Engineer, a Cloud Developer, a Senior Cloud Developer, a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), a DevOps Engineer, a Senior DevOps Engineer, a Senior Automation Engineer, a Security Automation Engineer, and a Test Development Engineer, among others. The certified specialists can count on an average salary of $84,040 per year.

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How much Cisco 350-901: Developing Application using Cisco Core Platforms & APIs Exam Cost

The cost of this exam is USD 300 but prices for Cisco examinations differ according to level and currency. Also, exam vouchers can be used for discounts. To find out the cost of your test, click here and choose your country. To learn about prices and locations, visit the Cisco website page

Cisco Developing Applications using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs (DEVCOR) Sample Questions (Q256-Q261):

A Python application is being written to run inside a Cisco IOS XE device to assist with gathering telemetry data. Drag and drop the elements of the stack from the left onto the functions on the right to collect and display the telemetry streaming data.



Refer to the exhibit.

The application follows a containerized microservices architecture that has one container per microservice.
The microservices communicate with each other by using REST APIs The double-headed arrows m the diagram display chains of synchronous HTTP calls needed for a single use/request Which action ensures the resilience of the application in the scope of a single user request'

A. Create two virtual machines that each host an instance of the application and set up a clusterB. Redesign the application to be separated into these three layers Presentation. API. and DataC. Set up multiple instances of each microservice m active/active mode by using the OrchestratorD. Implement retries with exponential backoff during HTTP API calls

Answer: B

Drag and drop the steps from the left into the correct sequence on the right to describe how to use Git to maintain the current HEAD and revert back to a previous commit, while undoing all intermediate commits.



Which two situations are flagged by software tools designed for dependency checking in continuous integration environments, such as OWASP? (Choose two.)

A. buffer overflows to occur as the result of a combination of the included dependenciesB. test case failures introduced by bugs in the included dependenciesC. publicly disclosed vulnerabilities related to the included dependenciesD. incompatible licenses in the included dependenciesE. mismatches in coding styles and conventions in the included dependencies

Answer: A,C

Section: Software Development and Design

Refer to the exhibit.

Which set of API requests must be executed by a Webex Teams bot after receiving a webhook callback to process messages in a room and reply with a new message back to the same room?

A. Option DB. Option CC. Option BD. Option A

Answer: A


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