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IBM C1000-150 Exam Syllabus Topics:TopicDetailsTopic 1Describe the minimum requirements for backup and restore of the Cloud Pak for Business Automation environment Describe the required access rights and privileges for the installationTopic 2Articulate the considerations for horizontal and vertical scaling of a Cloud Pak for Business Automation deployment Describe the process of deploying Cloud Pak for Business Automation on an OCP ClusterTopic 3Describe general considerations when troubleshooting capabilities running on Cloud Pak for Business Automation Describe the high-level differences between starter and production deploymentsTopic 4Utilize the Monitoring and Logging Capabilities for Cloud Pak for Business Automation Foundation Describe considerations when evaluating Foundation ServicesTopic 5Describe different types of installations of Cloud Pak for Business Automation Describe how to Manage Licenses for CP4BATopic 6Describe the approaches to troubleshoot Cloud Pak for Business Automation applications Utilize IBM Cloud Pak foundational services Audit loggingTopic 7Articulate the considerations for a Highly Available Cloud Pak for Business Automation deployment Describe which Cloud Pak for Business Automation capabilities are available as standalone (CNCF)

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IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation v21.0.3 Administration Sample Questions (Q31-Q36):

What is a significant benefit of using IBM Cloud Container Registry over a private registry?

A. Reduced cost of storage of imagesB. Faster image loading timeC. Reduced network traffic costD. Vulnerability scanning of images

Answer: B

What is one consideration for data backup within a multiple-zone cluster?

A. Enable the multiple-zone cluster sync feature.B. Make regular backups of each environment.C. Make regular backups for the active zone only.D. Leverage the OpenShift 'replica sync' feature.

Answer: C

When backing up data within a multiple-zone cluster, it is important to make regular backups for the active zone only. This ensures that the data is up-to-date and any changes made in the other zones are not lost if something goes wrong.

Which reclaim policy is recommended for enabling manual recovery of data after deletion of a persistent volume claim?

A. RetainB. ActiveC. DeleteD. Recycle

Answer: A

Where do the images reside for an air-gapped Cloud Pak for Business Automation upgrade?

A. IBM registryB. Local registryC. Docker HubD. RedHat registry

Answer: B

When performing an air-gapped upgrade of Cloud Pak for Business Automation, the images used for the upgrade reside in a local registry. An air-gapped environment is one in which there is no external network access, so the images cannot be pulled from a remote registry such as IBM registry, RedHat registry, or Docker Hub. Instead, the images must be pre-pulled and stored in a local registry that is accessible to the OpenShift cluster.

What is the best approach to determine the cause of a performance issues with Operational Decision Manager Rule Execution Server?

A. Capture a JVM heap dump.B. Collect browser network trace.C. Specify duration threshold and set log level to FINE.D. Enable an audit trace on the Decision Server Console.

Answer: D


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