QuickBooks update error 1625 typically occurs when setting up the QuickBooks desktop program. This error can also occur when using Microsoft-related programs such as: Example: Windows Installer runs in the background. Additionally, when Intuit releases the latest updates for QuickBooks, error occurs more frequently. This error is accompanied by error message: "This installation is prohibited by a system policy that occurs when you install or update QuickBooks.

Solution to Fix QuickBooks Update Error 1625

Method 1:  Change the UAC settings

·         First, go to the Start menu.

·         Type "MSCONFIG" in the search bar and press Enter.

·         When the UAC window prompt appears on the screen, you must select the Next tab.

·         Go to Tools, check Change User Account Control settings, and click Start.

·         Select the "Never notify" option.

·         If you are prompted to restart your system, select the option to restart your computer.

·         After completing all the above steps, restart the QuickBooks Desktop software and check if the error is resolved.

·         If not, follow the steps in the next method.

 Method 2: Configure Software Restriction Policy

·         First, click the Start tab and go to Control Panel.

·         Next, open Administrative Tools and go to Local Security Settings.

·         Select a software restriction policy.

·         If no software restriction policies are defined, right-click the Software Restriction Policies node.

·         Then select the New Software Restriction Policy option.

·         Next, you need to double-click on "Enforcement".

·         Next, go to Everyone except local administrators and click the OK tab.

·         Finally, reboot the system to apply the changes.

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