The initial functioning of the firm is based on the software that enables distributors to control most of the task smoothly and induces the growth of the business. While looking some years behind the same tasks seems to be typical and time consuming those distributors even used to ignore due to its complexities. The Mutual Fund Software for Distributors developed by Wealth Elite is specially structured with aim to deal with future complexities.


·         Several report generation for tracking status.

·         Improves business transactions and productivity.

·         Anytime access from any device.

·         Goal based investment for better results.

·         Highly advance features for complex issues.

Problems in absence of software:

·         Limited revenue generation capacity.

·         More time in register clients.

·         Less number of transactions and limited operations.

·         High chances of suffering losses.

Thus the distributors should go with the technology that assures the business success and growth and helps to stand strongly against the competitors. The distributors adopted are contributing to their maximum level. The wealth management tool is the only platform which adds power to the distributors to look after every operations of the firm.

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