These days, if anyone uses social networks like Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, they must have paid attention to the game that the famous singer played. kogama squid is a game with many interesting features and challenges that no one can refuseWhat is Squid Game?Squid Game (or squid game) is a folk game handed down by generations of children in Korea. Squid Game has very simple rules, there are two factions including the attacker and the defender who will stand in the drawing of a squid with a circle with an inverted triangle. The task of the attacker is to step on this part of the triangle, and the task of the defender is to prevent the attacker from entering this part. Very simple, right?In addition, Squid Game is also the name of an extremely hot movie that has just been released by Netflix, Squid Game brings together extremely famous actors such as Lee Jung Jae, Ha Joon, HoYeon Jung, Park Hae?soo and many more. many other actors.
Among the famous Korean actors, an Indian actor has left a great impression in the hearts of viewers with the role of Ali in Squid Game.
Gathering an extremely powerful number of actors when each scene has nearly a hundred people playing the role of people at the bottom of society who are gathered together to participate in a game of life and death to gain the amount of money. huge amount up to 45.6 billion won (equivalent to nearly 39 million US dollars).
Movie Squid Game NetflixMovie GenreIf you already know what Squid Game is, let's come to the reason why it's hot. The first is in terms of genre, this movie is about the dramatic, survival and extremely tense motifs. Although in terms of content, this movie is very simple, it is to lock all 465 people who are very needy in terms of money to overcome challenges and win bonuses.But if that's the case, it's too simple, the attraction of the film lies in the fact that if anyone does not pass, they will be shot and killed on the spot. Is it attractive enough? So who is the mastermind for this game? Who will survive to the end? All these questions will answer your question what Squid Game is.
Who is the director of Squid Game?The movie Squid Game has the Korean name Hangul: ????? and the English name is Squid Game. This is a South Korean television series written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk.
The film is currently being released by the Netflix movie streaming service, starting September 17, 2021.
What age is the movie Squid Game for?With a lot of gore scenes such as when the guards shoot people who fail to pass the test, Squid Game is sure to be for viewers aged 18 and up. If you are underage, please consider and ask your parents for permission. And for those who have had enough, let's find out what Squid Game is!View of the movie Squid GameFirst, our initial view of the movie is the greed of the poor who let the huge prize money blind their eyes and always want to win regardless. However, the more I see it, the more I see that each person has a different fate and they are trying every day to better help themselves and their families.
Besides, towards the end of the film, the unity of the characters is revealed very clearly to overcome deadly challenges together and survive together to return safely. In addition, the film also depicts games that seem to be only children's under an extremely "bloody" shade that also makes viewers feel very impressed and creative.
Games in the movie Squid GameNote that the content has the nature of revealing details in the movie, you need to consider before reading the content below. If you have not yet watched the movie for some reason, please consider before following the following content.
Paper smashing gameStart with Squid Game What is going to be a very popular paper smashing game in Korea. If you watched in episode 1, the paper smashing game means that you will have in your hand 2 pieces of hard paper, 1 red piece and blue piece. Your task is to throw the red piece very hard at the blue piece so that it can turn upside down, that's it.Traffic lightsOne of the challenges that makes viewers stand still because of the extreme suspense and tension. Simply, the player will have to reach the safety line in a short amount of time under the supervision of a doll. But the dramatic thing is that only when the doll turns away, everyone can move. So what if it moves while it's looking? Then no more after that!
Outside in daily life, there will be a child standing with his back to other students and loudly saying the phrase "Green light, red light". This will be the time when the other students try to move to the finish line until they hear the word red light is about to end, then quickly stand still, if you move when the sentence "green light, red light" ends, you will eliminated. The winner is the one who returns