“[Esports is] human competition where the field is an online arena,” says Morgan. “If you think about sports, it’s very broad, right? You have basketball, you’ve got badminton. Esports is exactly the same, but instead of basketball or badminton, it’s different genres of games.”

Video games have been around for decades, but esports differs from regular gaming because of its competitive nature. Essentially, esports involves individuals or teams of gamers competing against each other online. Large sums of prize money are often involved. Some of the biggest esports competitions include world777, Valorant and League of Legends, which Morgan says is currently the world’s biggest esports game.

“I think the key to all of it – to those who are interested in sport business and management and how it relates to esports – it’s really about cross pollination. It’s not sports coming in and knowing all the answers. It’s not colonizing. Esports are doing just fine on their own.”