It has never been easy for most women to visit their gyno and discuss their health concerns, sex life, and sexual history. Though these may cause emotional discomfort, don't hesitate to talk to your doc. But you need to know this is gynecologist work, and they have heard these questions a million times. All these are just common concerns, including a pap smear panorama inquiry, and a practitioner won't judge you.

Be Confident To Ask Your GYNO The Following:

Remember, as you plan to see your gynecologist, there is nothing new you're experiencing that they haven't heard. So, relax. 

1. Why Do I Feel Itchy?

Feeling itchy down there is one of the telltale signs of a sexually transmitted infection. So, it's a concern you should raise with your doctor. It's vital to be candid with your doctor to get the right information to treat you. 

2. How Often Should I Have A Pap Test?  

Doctors recommend a routine annual pelvic exam for any woman from 21 years and above. It's a test they recommend after every three years. So, you can go for a pap smear panorama where a gyno collects cells from your cervix using a swab to check for any abnormal cells that might indicate precancer or cancer. 

3. Why Do I Pee When I Laugh?

A fallen bladder is a common condition for women who have given birth. However, this might also happen to those who haven't given birth. As this may cause incontinence, please speak to your doctor about it., and you'll get help. 

4. Painful Period

While most women have a normal menstrual cycle, others scream when that time comes as they experience excruciating pain. If this pain keeps getting worse, it could be a sign of other medical conditions such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids. It's critical to talk to your doc about it. 

5. I May Have STI

If you suspect you have this, there is a chance you might have it. Please don't shy away from seeing your doctor about it. Your doctor may perform a pelvic exam along with a pap smear panorama. 

6. Painful Sex

Some women might feel uncomfortable talking about their sexual experiences, but painful sex is a problem you need to discuss with your gynecologist. Some of the things that may lead to this problem include infections, hormonal changes, lack of lubrication, or side effects of medications.

7. Which Birth Control Should I Use?

While certain birth control may work for your friend, it may not suit you. It can be a valuable conversation to have with your doctor. Ask if there is a chance of any hormonal implications after using birth control. 

In Conclusion

Though you may feel your sexual medical concern is silly, insignificant, or embarrassing, discuss it with your gyno as a woman. You could be holding crucial information that might help your doctor diagnose your condition. For instance, going for a pap smear testing allows your doc to detect cancer cells early, which helps to address them before they become malignant.